betty-roemer(BNc) — The autobiography of Betty Roemer has been published on the Old Paths Archive website, according to an email sent today by missionary and webmaster Roy Davison.

Roemer, a Canadian, spent 26 years teaching ladies and children in Germany and Austria, and then spent 26 more years doing the same with the Bayview congregation in Toronto.

Read this inspiring story of dedication, and share it with others.

The Old Paths Archive has published various biographies online, especially of missionaries in churches of Christ.

“These can be inspiring for young people,” Roy wrote.

“I would suggest that Bible class teachers take part of their class time to read excerpts from these stories,” he said.

The Old Paths Archive® electronic library is a depository of religious articles, sermons, poems, books and theses by members of churches of Christ.

Roy, who has been preaching in Flanders, Belgium, since 1965, created the site, which is visited by millions annually.