Some speakers and participants of the lectureship. Photo: Tabitha Lancaster

MIDDLETON, Tenn. (BNc) — The lectureship that sprung from a website went to the Rogers Springs congregation Sept. 6-8.

“It was an amazing thing for this congregation,” Trent Childers, Rogers Springs preacher, said.

Since all the speakers “come for free,” the Preacher’s Files Lectureship allows smaller congregations “to host a weekend lectureship, which they likely could not do otherwise,” Trent wrote in the congregational bulletin.

“We here at Rogers Springs were able to host an event with 14 speakers,” he wrote.

The speakers came from Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri, as well as India and Brazil. They were either teachers on the site forum, teachers from the Memphis School of Preaching, or former students of MSOP, due to Trent’s association with the school.

Dick Sztanyo shows the errors of evolution

Dick Sztanyo shows the errors of evolution

The Preacher’s Files website hosts sermon outlines and Bible lessons, as well as an active forum providing space for studies, fellowship, poetry, and other special interests.

Some participants of the 2013 event stayed in motels and campgrounds, while others were hosted in homes of the Rogers Springs saints.

Each year a different congregation hosts the event. It is planned through discussion on the site forum.

The lectureship was the eighth annual event, which has been held in a number of different states. Discussion has already been opened as to the location for 2014.

The Preacher’s Files website was begun Sept. 2001, by Eddie Watkins. With hundreds of outlines and studies, it gets millions of page views annually.

Videos of the sessions are being posted to youtube.