‘Amazing thing’: Preacher’s Files Lectureship goes to Tennessee church


Some speakers and participants of the lectureship. Photo: Tabitha Lancaster

MIDDLETON, Tenn. (BNc) — The lectureship that sprung from a website went to the Rogers Springs congregation Sept. 6-8.

“It was an amazing thing for this congregation,” Trent Childers, Rogers Springs preacher, said.

Since all the speakers “come for free,” the Preacher’s Files Lectureship allows smaller congregations “to host a weekend lectureship, which they likely could not do otherwise,” Trent wrote in the congregational bulletin.

“We here at Rogers Springs were able to host an event with 14 speakers,” he wrote.

The speakers came from Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri, as well as India and Brazil. They were either teachers on the site forum, teachers from the Memphis School of Preaching, or former students of MSOP, due to Trent’s association with the school.

Dick Sztanyo shows the errors of evolution

Dick Sztanyo shows the errors of evolution

The Preacher’s Files website hosts sermon outlines and Bible lessons, as well as an active forum providing space for studies, fellowship, poetry, and other special interests.

Some participants of the 2013 event stayed in motels and campgrounds, while others were hosted in homes of the Rogers Springs saints.

Each year a different congregation hosts the event. It is planned through discussion on the site forum.

The lectureship was the eighth annual event, which has been held in a number of different states. Discussion has already been opened as to the location for 2014.

The Preacher’s Files website was begun Sept. 2001, by Eddie Watkins. With hundreds of outlines and studies, it gets millions of page views annually.

Videos of the sessions are being posted to youtube.


Polishing the Pulpit breaks records in its mission to ‘refresh, renew, recharge’


BNc Editor J. Randal Matheny with PTP speaker David Kenney

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) by J. Randal Matheny — The final count is not yet in, but over 3,200 saints converged on the Sevierville Events Center for a record-breaking Polishing the Pulpit Aug. 23-29.

Thanks to a generous missionary discount from the organizers and to the kindness of friends whose plans for PTP fell through, my wife and I attended the entire week. This was our first time at the event.

Our daughter, who has spent a year in the US after leaving home, asked us to pay her weekend to PTP, the Spiritual Renewal Weekend, as a birthday present, which we were happy to do.

The organization of the event, provided by the leadership of the Jacksonville, Ala., congregation, was superb. Tracks for youth, women, elders, missionaries, preachers, deacons, homeschoolers, to name only a few, provided something of interest for most everyone. The Missionary Rendevous track was added this year to the evangelism sessions.

Classes for children left parents free to attend sessions. Exhibits by booksellers, ministries and others served the participants well.

On Tuesday night, James Meadows was honored with a lifetime service award.

Polishing-the-PulpitFor those who couldn’t load the PTP 2013 app on their iPhones, iPads, and Androids, a full-color schedule was provided on registration, and in PDF format on the website.

For the first time, thumb drives with audio of the classes were distributed to those who stayed for the entire week. The organizers will likely evaluate whether this offering kept more people for the entirety of the event or caused them to miss more sessions, since they could listen later.

Why do people attend PTP? Hannah Giselbach’s post is not untypical of many:

I came to PTP feeling somewhat alone and disheartened. I left feeling uplifted and revitalized. I left with a fire within me after spending time and fellowshipping with over 3,000 Christians who I know I can count on, wherever they are in the world throughout the year, to be fighting the good faith. I can depend on them to walk alongside me in faith, even if I can’t physically be with them.

A first-time atendee, Vicky Yocum, shared her perspective on the PTP Facebook page:

I can say that I have a renewed hope for the brotherhood, stronger bonds to share, many amazing messages to ponder, and uplifting lessons to benefit every area of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all those who plan and support PTP. It did not disappoint! It was so refreshing to be among over 3,000 saints, block out the world for a week, be surrounded by encouraging people who truly care about souls, and listen at the feet of such wise teachers. I could go on and on. If you have not attended—plan, budget, and make the trip!


Eric Owens speaks at PTP. Photo: Amy Clevenger

The call to “refresh, renew, recharge” was fulfilled in many ways through the PTP offerings.

My wife and I noted a few of the blessings we received at PTP:

  • We were able to connect with old friends and make new ones.
  • We were given a break in the demanding schedule of our missionary furlough.
  • We were challenged by practical studies of the biblical text.
  • We were motivated by the powerful charges of speakers to faithfulness and service.
  • We had time to enjoy together as a couple far from the pressures of home and work.
  • We were encouraged by seeing many faithful saints who labor under similar conditions as ours.
  • We were stimulated by practical ideas being used in a wide variety of ministries both in the US and abroad.
  • We were encouraged by the positive atmosphere and spirit of rejoicing established by the PTP organizers.

Since its beginning in 1995, PTP has grown into a mature brotherhood event for edification, instruction, and evangelism. May God use it powerfully for many years to come.

16-year-old preaching student speaks at Georgia School of Preaching Annual Bible Lectureship

gsop-lectures-2013MARIETTA, Ga. (BNc) by David Decker — The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies hosted its 8th Annual Bible Lectureship May 4-5, at its Marietta campus located at the Piedmont Road church building.

This year’s lectureship theme, taken from Esther 4:14, was “For Such a Time as This.” Speakers included the youngest student currently enrolled at GSOP, 16-year-old Thad Williams from Bremen, Ga., as well as brother Allen Webster of Jacksonville, Ala.

Also on the program were Mike Greene (Bowling Green, Ky.); Gene Godfrey (Hahira, Ga.); Laron Poulian (Warner Robins, Ga.); Ricky Phillips (Martin, Tenn.); Robert H. Martin (Missionary, Pacific Islands); Misty Golden (Marietta, Ga.).

Topics included “Bearing a Young Person’s Cross,” “Bearing an Ancient Cross,” “No White or Black Church,” “What the World and the Church Need from Men of God,” “Offering Acceptable Worship,” and “Overcoming a Dangerous World in Such a Time as This.”

Several awards of recognition were given.

Bill and Connie Dedmon of the Bowdon church and LeRoy and Nila Fogle of the Piedmont Road congregation were recognized with the GSOP Distinguished Service Award for their years of faithful service in various capacities in the body of Christ.

Thad Williams became the inaugural recipient of the Tate Williams Memorial Scholarship, given in his brother’s memory.

Michael Lovelady of the Lithia Springs congregation was recognized as the GSOP Alumnus of the Year.

GSOP graduates for 2013, Mass Kalango Darcio and Michael David Domingue, received their Preaching Certificates during the Commencement portion of Saturday’s program.

Lectureship attendance in 2013 more than doubled that of past years. Neil Richey, Piedmont Road preacher, estimated that the number “was just shy of 200.”

GSOP is enjoying its fourteenth year of service as a school of preaching and biblical studies. There are nine GSOP campuses located across Georgia, with an average enrollment of 225 per quarter.

The school’s web address is www.gsoponline.org.

10th Minnesota Bible Lecture breaks attendance record

minnesota-bible-lecture-2013OWATONNA, Minn. (BNc) — The 2013 Minnesota Bible Lecture, held Apr. 27, smashed previous records with 205 in attendance, Dan Mayfield, Owatonna preacher, said.

“It was an uplifting event. The truth was spoken and very good application was made. And the truth was spoken with love,” Dan said.

The theme of the lectures was “Justification in Christ: Lessons from Galatians.”

The new attendance record “is what we prayed for and worked for and God answered,” Dan said.

Dan said they felt indebted to Bros. Ngaleka, Lange, Folding, Sampson, Rhodes, and Nedland “for bringing their very best to the lecture. And thanks to all of the congregations and individuals who traveled even great distances to attend this event and to make it so positive for the Lord’s people.”

The staff at Holiday Inn commented to Dan that they had nothing but good to say about the lectureship participants.

The lessons given at the lectureship are available online.

Next year’s event has been set for the last Saturday of April, 2014.

God ‘did everything necessary’: WVSOP lectureship speaker

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (BNc) by David R. Kenney — Saints can attend and profit from several excellent lectureships across the US. In October 2012, I attended the West Virginia School of Preaching “Victory Lectures.”

The theme was “1 Corinthians: 1st Century Solutions for 21st Century Problems.”

The lectures were delivered at the Hillview Terrace church in Moundsville, adjacent to the WVSOP campus. Continue reading

SEIBS revamps lectures with new dates, book format, digital material

SEIBS lectureship

Cover of 2013 book

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — With a new name, the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies (SEIBS, formerly East Tennessee School of Preaching) is revamping its lectureship as well, Jody Apple, Director of Information & Technology, said today.

SEIBS has moved its 39th annual lectureship up one week to Feb. 24-27, 2013. The theme is “Lord, Make Me a Servant.”

The change keeps SEIBS’ lectures from conflicting with those of Faulkner University.

The lectureship book also undergoes a facelift, Jody said. Continue reading

Brown Trail hosts second Spanish lectureship

BTSOPby Willie Alvarenga, Director, Brown Trail School of Preaching Spanish Department

BEDFORD, Tex. (BNc) — The Brown Trail School of Preaching hosted its Second Annual Spanish Department Lectureship Nov. 12. Thanks to our heavenly Father, it was a great success.

We truly enjoyed a great attendance of approximately 200 people throughout the day.

The eight speakers, who are graduates of the Spanish Department at Brown Trail, did an excellent job at presenting the Word of God. This year’s central theme was, “Stand Up for Jesus.” Continue reading

Trends and ideas: Preacher proposes option for declining lectureships

by Matthew Morine, pulpit minister with the Castle Rock, Colo., church
Republished, with permission, from his weblog.

Minister Matthew MorineAn elder was in my office yesterday, and we got to talking about lectureships.

This elder is highly connected in the church, and he goes to various lectureships each year. He was talking about how the numbers are down in some of the lectureships across the brotherhood. He made the comment, “It is more for old people now.”

This is not always true, I still like attending lectures, but the point is still true in general.

So if lectureships are not working, what will work with young people or young ministers? Continue reading

Sixth Annual Preacher’s Conference in Russia

by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, Alabama (BNc) — The sixth annual preacher’s conference was held in Vyatskiye, Polyany, Russia, September 27-30, 2010. Charles Williams, minister of the New Union church of Christ, Manchester, TN spoke at the four-day conference. This was the third conference in which he has participated. Continue reading

FHU releases e-text of 2011 lectures

HENDERSON, TN (BNc) – E-text versions of the 75th Annual Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship are now available, according to Tom L. Childers.

The 75th lectures will be held Feb. 6-11, 2011.

The 2011 lectureship book of 513 pages written by nearly 100 writers deals mainly with the Minor Prophets.

It will be available in hardback the first week in February, but e-text versions are available now.

The e-text versions will work on the following devices: Continue reading

2010 Bear Valley Lectures a huge success

by Neal Pollard, lectureship director

DENVER, Colo. (BNc) – Twenty-three speakers from across the brotherhood converged on Denver Sept. 23-26, for the annual Bear Valley Lectures.

For many years, the lecture program was essentially a homecoming for alumni. However, in the past few years, the attempt has been made to broaden its scope.

Last year, those efforts included the school’s first ever lectureship book.

This year, an alumni kick-off event, a golf outing, and a much more comprehensive advertising campaign seem to have contributed to a big boost in attendance. Continue reading

5th PF Lectures feature “Seeking First the Kingdom”

Exclusive for BNc, by John Henson, minister, Grand Blanc, Mich., church

RUSH SPRINGS, Okla. (BNc) – “The Preachers Files Lectureship was an unqualified success,” said Tim Hester, of Mississippi, one of 18 speakers participating in the annual gathering.

Conducted at the Rush Springs church July 9-11, the lectureship theme was “Seeking First the Kingdom.”

Speakers from across the United States, India and Tanzania enjoyed lectures and the finest southwestern cuisine during the three-day event.

Joe May, of Arkansas, initiated the lectures, with the lesson, “Seeking First the Kingdom After We Fall.” Continue reading