by Daniel Haynes

FORTH WORTH, Tex. (BNc) — The 33rd Annual Fort Worth Lectures held at the Brown Trail church building ended Wednesday, Jan. 13.

The lectures, “Gleanings from the Gospel Accounts,” focused on great truths about Jesus. They began Jan. 10.

A broad range of topics, ladies’ lectures, congregational singing and panel discussions crafted an environment of healthy teaching and refreshing fellowship.

Subjects included The Word Was God, Christ and the Creation, Deity Incarnate, Jesus the Sin Sacrifice, Up from the Grave He Arose, Jesus Alone Can Bring Peace to our Hearts, The Great Commission, The Miraculous Power of Jesus, Jesus as Judge, Jesus is Lord and more.

The lectures were supplemented by two stimulating panel discussions, False Teaching About Jesus and Ongoing Attacks Against Christianity.

Some of the speakers included Rick Brumback, Wayne Burger, Kyle Butt, Shelia Butt, Winford Claiborne, Willie Franklin, Gary Hampton, Dave Miller, Eddie Parrish, Bob Stapleton, Gary Workman and others.

“Balance is a good thing to have. The Fort Worth Lectures offer balance. The speakers are good Christian people preaching the truth in a spirit of love. The fellowship is wonderful and there is always a feeling of belonging,” said Maxie B. Boren, Lectureship Director.

Lectureship books and all lectures are available for purchase. The lectures are available in CD, DVD, & MP3 formats. For more information, contact the Brown Trail church.