by Randal Matheny

OBrazilian Christians Carlos Eduardo Vilas boas and his wife Brancalinda, BRAZIL (BNc) — The Peixinhos church, located in the city of Olinda on Brazil’s northeast coast, is sending aid to Haiti through the state military police organization.

Haiti suffered a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Carlos Eduardo Vilas Boas, said today on the Facebook social network that the congregation will work with Lieutentant-Colonel Ricardo Santos to send the supplies.

Ricardo is a brother in Christ also from the Peixinhos church.

Carlos Eduardo also invited other churches and Christians in Brazil to join their efforts by donating through this means.

The Peixinhos church has established two congregations in the region, Carlos Eduardo said in an Internet chat today.

When asked for permission to share the news of the congregation’s efforts, Carlos Eduardo said, “Anything to edify the brotherhood.”

The Brazilian news came from the Project Reach website.