BTSOPby Willie Alvarenga, Director, Brown Trail School of Preaching Spanish Department

BEDFORD, Tex. (BNc) — The Brown Trail School of Preaching hosted its Second Annual Spanish Department Lectureship Nov. 12. Thanks to our heavenly Father, it was a great success.

We truly enjoyed a great attendance of approximately 200 people throughout the day.

The eight speakers, who are graduates of the Spanish Department at Brown Trail, did an excellent job at presenting the Word of God. This year’s central theme was, “Stand Up for Jesus.”

People attended from Austin, Houston, Tyler, and many other Texas cities, as well as from Dodge City, Kan.

The lectureship was broadcast live through the Brown Trail church’s website and through the Spanish Internet Radio Station, “Una Sola Fe.”

People from Europe, North, Central, and South America enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the Word of God being proclaimed by the graduates.

The lectureship also included a questions and answers forum. Obed Rodriguez, instructor at Brown Trail and evangelist with the Everman congregation, and Willie Alvarenga, Director of the Spanish Department at Brown Trail School of Preaching, answered several questions during this session.

Brown Trail Spanish LectureshipThanks to God, we have make available a lectureship book with all the lessons presented by each of the speakers. CDs and DVDs of these lessons are available at a minimal cost through the Brown Trail office at (817) 268 3222.

We are thankful to the Brown Trail elders for supporting this lectureship and to the many brethren who helped us with classes for children and who prepared the meals that were served free of charge to participants.

We ask that you continue to pray for this effort. Our goal is to provide a sound lectureship among the Spanish-speaking congregations of the Dallas-Fort Worth area that will uphold the authority of the Scriptures as taught in the pages of the New Testament.

Lord willing, our next lectureship will be on Nov. 10, 2012. Please make plans to invite friends who speak Spanish and who can benefit from the preaching of the Word of God.