MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (BNC) by Katelyn Conner — I know this post will be controversial, but just FYI Walmart allows transgenders, or those pretending to be, to use the bathroom of their choice.

Tonight while at Walmart I had to attempt to explain to my daughter Brook why there was a man in the woman’s bathroom.

This man was wearing blue jeans, a padded bra, and a low-enough-cut shirt you could tell it was all padding on top of the build of his body and short hair.

There was a crowd of ladies outside the bathroom whispering and as Brook rushed in they told me not to go in there, but Brook really had to go and was already in the bathroom before I figured out why they were trying to tell me not to go in.

He was at the sink doing whatever he was doing while Brook was in a stall. I waited outside. When Brook was done she went to wash her hands, and as I was helping her get soap and trying to act normal so we could just get out, the guy looks at Brook and tells her in the “voice” that she is cute.

That was it for me. I have no control over you being in the bathroom, but don’t talk to a minor. As we were walking out Brook asked me why the man was in our bathroom.

After we left the bathroom, I approached the group of women and management that were complaining and told them what happened.

This was their response: “There is nothing we can do. He fashioned himself as a woman so he can use the bathroom he wants.”

I called corporate to ask what their policy was on it and was told they do not currently have one, but could update me if one was put in place, so I asked to make a complaint. I gave my complaint and was told the store manager will get back to me in 7-10 days.

This man could have easily walked to the back and use the family/multigender bathroom, but 4-year-old Brook probably wouldn’t have made it to the back of the store.

Why should we be uncomfortable and children have to ask those questions to make the other people comfortable?

A sex offender can easily “fashion” themselves as the opposite sex to find victims. Keep that in mind!

Katelyn made this post Apr. 22 on social media and allowed BNC to republish it.