PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil (BNC) — Daniel Araujo (photo, above, with family) in southern Brazil watched some videos posted on YouTube by World Video Bible School, based in Maxwell, Tex. A video about premillenialism convinced him. He contacted WVBS for information about the church in his city. He wrote,

“Since watching your videos on youtube and studying in other sources I’ve been bothered. That’s the ‘problem’ with the truth, it sets you free. Where I live, state and city, all churches preach premillennialism and the rapture, so I need your help! For some time now the whole subject has been troublesome as I couldn’t understand what would happen to those left behind. Now that I’m free from that mistake, I can no longer admit participating in those churches’ services. But I also don’t want to be without a house of prayer. So what does one need to open a church of Christ? What do I have to know or do? Please, help. I want to do God’s work and I want to do it right.”

WVBS’s Al Washington asked brethren at the Sherman Drive congregation in Denton, Tex., about a contact in Brazil. They’re one of our supporting churches. Al emailed me March 24, and the same day I emailed Daniel for a first contact.

He quickly replied to my email.

“I was actually going the wrong way about the understanding of the gospel. Believing in things that are not biblical at all. I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

“So, please, lead me in the direction of some church who preaches the pure and true gospel. Or please teach me how to open a branch of the Church of Christ here where I live. Anything so I can get closer to Jesus. I only know I have to talk to my current pastor and say I have to leave as my heart is changed (God only knows how that conversation will go, but I intend to make it peaceful).

“I just want to do the right thing. Be my brothers and help me. Please.”

I then emailed several brethren in or near the city of Porto Alegre, state capital of Rio Grande do Sul. (We are located near São Paulo, some distance from the city.)

On March 26 Almir Barbosa emailed me from Porto Alegre.

“I’m already in contact with Daniel and helping him with his doubts and questions. We pray he may learn God’s will and be a faithful Christian.”

I saw Almir Apr. 4 at the National Christian Workers Encounter near São Paulo, and he told me that Daniel and his wife were meeting with them in their congregation. We look forward to more news about them in the gospel.

After only two days since Al’s initial contact, Almir had done follow-up on the ground with Daniel. Everyone was kept in the loop as the emails flew back and forth. Al wrote that he was sure that Daniel was impressed with the prompt replies and follow-up.

On April 7 Daniel wrote to everyone involved.

“The Lord not only revealed His truth clear as crystal, but also indicated me where to go. For that I praise the Lord and here I thank each and every one of you for the support and love. I follow steady our Lord Jesus Christ and now I’m attending the Church of Christ.”

In a lengthy Facebook chat, Daniel commented, “God opened my eyes because I was searching for the truth. This serves [as an example] for everyone.”

UPDATE: On Sunday, April 12, Daniel and his wife were immersed for the remission of sins, after a study with several of the brothers of the congregation where they were attending.