EMBU-GUAÇU, Brazil (BNC) — Perhaps it was the theme of humility, or the excellent organization by the Salvador churches, or the growth in the number of churches. Whatever the reason, the National Christian Workers Encounter, held every Easter weekend at the Mt of Olives Christian Camp, broke a new record Apr. 3-4 with about 520 men present.

The encounter focuses on men who serve the kingdom of God, be they full-time or not.

Participants come from all over Brazil, making it the largest gathering that represents the country’s immense geographical expanse.

A first this year was representation from Belém do Pará, at the mouth of the Amazon River. Miguel, from the Belém congregation, is the first person from the city or state to attend from churches of Christ.

Six messages were given by both Brazilians and Americans. On Saturday, Dr. Howard Norton, former missionary to Brazil and member of the original 1961 São Paulo mission team, spoke to the assembly (photo, above).

Each year, a different congregation or group of area churches, organizes the program.

For a short overview of the work in Brazil, see this entry.