goebel-musicELK CITY, Okla. (BNc) — Goebel Gene Music died Thursday, May 9, at the age of 78.

Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday, May 14 at 10 a.m., at the Martin Funeral Chapel of Elk City. Interment will be in the Ural Cemetery. Visitation will be on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday until service time.

Goebel was the author of several books. Perhaps the best known was Behold the Pattern. Roy Deaver had written that, if teaching a class on “Current Liberalism,” “I would choose this book.”

BNc will publish a full obituary shortly.



  1. I liked that when you received a letter from brother Music, he would put on the envelope something like, “Don Ruhl, Christian Servant,” which is something that I now do from time to time.

  2. I reget this news. I heard brother Music speak At MSOP Lectures several years ago. To a preacher student he held me in awe of his command of the scriptures. May God bless his family as they greive.
    James D.(Danny Butler)

  3. I am a strong follower of Goebel: i have his best book Behold the Pattern. He has not die in my mind as long as his works are with me he lives on to eternity. My sympathy goes to his family.

  4. We may never know the positive influence Bro. Music had helping people avoid the trap of the “New Hermeneutic. He was a kind man with a great sense of humor, and he was a great student of the Word.

  5. I bought his book “Behold the Pattern” when I was a very young Christian and aspiring preacher. I am glad I have read it several times. He called several men out on their error years ago and was a great soldier of Christ. I am glad to have had his authorship as an influence in my young Christian life. God bless Goebel in his reward.

  6. Our families go back together more than a century and a half. Goebel Gene’s grandparents migrated to Oklahoma from Eastern Kentucky, as did my great grandparents. Both families knew each other in Kentucky and settled near each other in Western Oklahoma. My Great Grandfather, Silas James Short, who was a gospel preacher, and Goebel’s grandfather, William Trigg Music were partners in the wheat threshing business in early day Oklahoma and jointly owned a threshing machine. Both families remained close through the years and are both buried in Ural Cemetery south of Elk City. I knew Goebel Gene (which is what we called him since his father was Goebel as well) when he played basketball for Highway High School, a country school south of Elk City and he and his parents attended worship at Taylor, a country church in that community. Taylor is where he preached as a young boy, where my grandfather was baptized and where I later preached in 1966. We are saddened at his passing.

  7. First time I met Goebel, I looked at his jaw that looked as if he was ready to take on anyone, and that shinny black hair without a
    hair out of place, and I thought, “Oh, boy.” He preached at our gradation of preachers at the Northside school of Preaching in Harrison, Ark in 1972. He preached a meeting at Bellefonte,Ark., in a community of about 300 population, yet, the Sunday night
    attendance was over 500. He remarked that was a first for him. From that time on, Goebel has been a good friend and every
    time I needed some advice, he would always help. I have appreciated his books, and his firmness to label things as they are and not “beat’en round the bush.” He has been sick a long time with various sicknesses, and I rejoice that he has gone home, and enjoying the reality of the precious promises made to all the faithful.

  8. I was strengthened by knowing Goebel Music. He was dedicated to truth and to its being carried to all the world. I worked with him in sending Star ASV New Testaments overseas on many occasions. He has had a struggle with his health for many years, ever since being bitten by a copperhead snake. But God preserved his life for future service many years after that life-treatening incident at his home in Colleyville, Texas.