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5th PF Lectures feature “Seeking First the Kingdom”

Exclusive for BNc, by John Henson, minister, Grand Blanc, Mich., church

RUSH SPRINGS, Okla. (BNc) – “The Preachers Files Lectureship was an unqualified success,” said Tim Hester, of Mississippi, one of 18 speakers participating in the annual gathering.

Conducted at the Rush Springs church July 9-11, the lectureship theme was “Seeking First the Kingdom.”

Speakers from across the United States, India and Tanzania enjoyed lectures and the finest southwestern cuisine during the three-day event.

Joe May, of Arkansas, initiated the lectures, with the lesson, “Seeking First the Kingdom After We Fall.” Read more

OK: Churches knock every door in town

doorknockingpLAWTON, Okla (BNc) – Knocking doors and asking strangers to study the Bible. This may seem like an out-of-date method of saving the lost – but not for the Northwest church in Lawton, Okla. They know it still works, it’s effective, it’s gratifying and, most importantly, it follows the Great Commission.

It’s a chance to take people “Back to the Bible” for a basic study of the Scriptures, through a tried and proven method known as the “Safety Chain.” This logical method of Scripture study was developed years ago by the Northwest congregation and has been used to convert thousands of people throughout the years. Read more