Video: Search TV speaker Phil Sanders reports, appeals for help

Search TV speaker Phil Sanders

Search TV speaker Phil Sanders

EDMOND, Okla. (BNc) — Learn more about the work of the television program “In Search of the Lord’s Way.” In the video below, Search speaker Phil Sanders gives a brief description of the work at SearchTV over the last year.

He also invites Christians to take a closer look and learn how to help SearchTV continue to spread the Gospel around the world in 2014 and beyond. Continue reading

‘The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away,’ Oklahoma deacon tells GMA after losing home

MOORE, Okla. (BNc) — Jason Lerger, a deacon with the Southwest congregation in Oklahoma City, came out of his storm cellar, saw his home totally destroyed by the tornado, and quoted Scripture. He shared the video and his quotation on ABC’s Good Morning America.

ABC: US News

Oklahoma churches gear up to help tornado victims

moore-ok-tornadoOKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (BNc) — Hardly had the tornado dispersed, congregations in the Oklahoma City area began already to mobilize to help the victims.

The Memorial Road congregation is organizing a disaster relief effort, with a webpage of suggestions on how to help.

Dan Lovejoy noted on Twitter that he had confirmed by telephone that the “Oakcrest Church of Christ at 1111 SW 89th is OPEN for shelter if you lost power or your home.”

Jeremie Beller noted on Facebook: “The Oakcrest Church of Christ is serving as a shelter for members of the surrounding community. I just spoke with someone there and they are asking for donations of water bottles, diapers, baby formula, and blankets. If you would like to bring donations to the Wilshire church building, we will deliver them in the coming days.”

“We are concentrating on the Edmond area and will expand as opportunities arise,” Kevin Rayner, community and senior adults minister with the Edmond church, tweeted.

Another brother noted that his father was transporting people to the hospital in his pick-up truck.

Several members from the South Walker congregation live in Moore, two of whom, Bob Finley, a retired fire fighter, and Malinda Cheshier, lost their homes, Paul Goddard, dean of students at Harding Academy in Memphis, said. Paul is a native Oklahoman.

There are no reports as yet of loss of life among churches of Christ.

One person published a picture of a tornado (above) mirrored in his side mirror as he left the town of Moore.

Other efforts will be noted as news arrives to BNc.

Goebel Music, author of ‘Behold the Pattern,’ dies

goebel-musicELK CITY, Okla. (BNc) — Goebel Gene Music died Thursday, May 9, at the age of 78.

Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday, May 14 at 10 a.m., at the Martin Funeral Chapel of Elk City. Interment will be in the Ural Cemetery. Visitation will be on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday until service time.

Goebel was the author of several books. Perhaps the best known was Behold the Pattern. Roy Deaver had written that, if teaching a class on “Current Liberalism,” “I would choose this book.”

BNc will publish a full obituary shortly.

Howard Norton remembers fellow Brazil coworker Leon Tester

Leon Tester

Leon Tester

EDMOND, Okla. (BNc) by Howard Norton — Leon E. Tester, one of the two oldest members of the 1961 Sao Paulo Mission Team, died Nov. 8. He was 90 years old. Jerry Campbell, a fellow team member, preached his funeral in Edmond, assisted by Kent Risley and Leon’s two sons, Claude and Jon, and their wives.

Leon was a career Navy man with some fourteen years of service. After his conversion to Jesus Christ, he became a conscientious objector and left the Navy. Desiring to prepare himself for the ministry, he enrolled at Abilene Christian University and graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree that emphasized Religious Education, Bible, and journalism. Continue reading

‘The most compelling conversion story I’ve ever read’

Michael Shank's Muscle and a Shovelby Bradley Cobb, preacher, McCloud, Okla. church

(BNc) — “It’s the most compelling conversion story I’ve ever read, outside of the apostle Paul,” said one woman who read the book.

Before she had even finished reading this book which her preacher had loaned to her, she went online and ordered two copies for herself.

The book made its way to the elders of the congregation in McLoud, Okla., who all finished it within two days. The elders were so impressed that they got up on Wednesday night and suggested that every member needed to order at least one copy and read it.

The members ordered 60 copies, and within two weeks realized they didn’t order enough, and ordered another 60. And now, just a month later, they are ready to order still more.

What is it that has this congregation of 75 members so excited? Continue reading

39 years of slaughter, silence and shame


An Oklahoma preacher encourages a congregation, and the brotherhood, to work against abortion.

by Rick Popejoy, preacher with the Lindsay OK church

Horrible and despicable deeds, put into practice by ancient men, came to be practiced by God’s people in the days of Jeremiah. God’s own people began to worship the false gods of Molech and Baal. The worshiper would take their newborn babies and offer them as human sacrifices (Jer. 7:31-32; 19:5-6; 32:35; 2 Chr. 33:6).

This practice came right out of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot’s daughters, in an act of rebellion against both Lot and God said, “let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him” (Gen. 19:32) and that is exactly what they did (Gen. 19:33-35). As a result both daughters had children. The youngest daughter’s son became the father of the sons of Ammon (Gen. 19:36-38). Molech is described as “the abomination of the children of Ammon” (1 Kgs. 11:7). Continue reading

Okla. saint noted for work with intellectually challenged

DURANT, Okla. (BNc) – Oklahoma TV station KXII has named Joy Curtis one of its “12 who Care,” for her work with the intellectually challenged.

A little over a year ago, Joy joined several others to create Bridging the Gap Together, Inc., a non-profit that creates jobs for those with special needs at the Good Deal Thrift Store.

Joy’s husband John became the pulpit minister at the 7th and Beech congregation in Durant in Aug., 2001. Continue reading

Search TV reaches San Francisco Bay area

EvangelismEDMOND, Okla. (BNc) – The television program, “In Search of the Lord’s Way,” has closed a deal to air to the San Francisco Bay area, according to speaker Phil Sanders.

KOFY (TV 20) covers the bay area of San Francisco, broadcasting to 2.5 million households (6.25 million people), making it the sixth largest U.S. market.

“We will begin airing Oct. 9 each Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. This strengthens our presence on the West Coast considerably,” Phil said to BNc. Continue reading

Edmond OK minister Don Vinzant passes – updated

Edmond minister Don VinzantEDMOND, Okla. (BNc) — A little before 1:00 a.m. on Thursday, Mar. 9, Edmond minister and former Brazil missionary Don Vinzant passed peacefully from this life, according to family minister Randy Roper, writing on the congregational email list.

“He was surrounded by the songs and prayers of his beloved family and engulfed in the love and concern of a multitude of friends,” Randy noted.

“He is now home free; no more pain or disease. He is resting in the arms of Jesus and reuniting with many loved ones who have gone before him.  We were so blessed to have him as our Daddy and we love to hear how he blessed your lives. We are overwhelmed by the gestures of love shown by all of you,” Don’s son Gene wrote on the CaringBridge website. Continue reading

5th PF Lectures feature “Seeking First the Kingdom”

Exclusive for BNc, by John Henson, minister, Grand Blanc, Mich., church

RUSH SPRINGS, Okla. (BNc) – “The Preachers Files Lectureship was an unqualified success,” said Tim Hester, of Mississippi, one of 18 speakers participating in the annual gathering.

Conducted at the Rush Springs church July 9-11, the lectureship theme was “Seeking First the Kingdom.”

Speakers from across the United States, India and Tanzania enjoyed lectures and the finest southwestern cuisine during the three-day event.

Joe May, of Arkansas, initiated the lectures, with the lesson, “Seeking First the Kingdom After We Fall.” Continue reading

OK: Churches knock every door in town

doorknockingpLAWTON, Okla (BNc) – Knocking doors and asking strangers to study the Bible. This may seem like an out-of-date method of saving the lost – but not for the Northwest church in Lawton, Okla. They know it still works, it’s effective, it’s gratifying and, most importantly, it follows the Great Commission.

It’s a chance to take people “Back to the Bible” for a basic study of the Scriptures, through a tried and proven method known as the “Safety Chain.” This logical method of Scripture study was developed years ago by the Northwest congregation and has been used to convert thousands of people throughout the years. Continue reading