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Donnie Ray Hilliard Obituary

NASHVILLE, TN (BNc) — Donnie Ray Hilliard, 64, went peacefully to be with the Lord on October 8, 2014. He was preceded in death by his father, Benedict…

Jimmy Jividen, scholar, author, church worker, dies

Besides his 10 books, Jimmy often used a motto he coined to encourage others.

Tribute: Glen Harris, hard-fighting soldier, leaves battlefield

David Kenney shares six impressions that this servant of God made upon him. The first is, “Never think you have outgrown the Bible.”

Northeast Arkansas elder’s wife Almarie Denham dies at 91

This wife of a Greene County preacher and elder is a part of the editor’s spiritual DNA.

Texas author and teacher Alice Sheppard passes

BUDA, Tex. (BNc) — Alice Ilene Cheatham Sheppard, 86, died Friday, May 23 in Austin. She resided in Buda. She was born Sept. 16, 1927, to Walter Carl…

Couple married for 72 years die within a day of each other

Her mother said the marriage would never last.

Blameless and without regret: John Brookins dies in Minn.

Preacher Dan Mayfield pays tribute to a Michigan saint and friend.

102-year-old Eulala Williams goes home

This beautiful story needs to be told.

Gospel preacher Guy Hester passes at age 77

Born in Alabama, brother Hester passed away last Thursday in Corinth, Miss.

The brother in Christ who got us started on the Internet is gone

Mike Brown never imagined what he was responsible for getting off the ground.

West Virginia preacher Frank Higginbotham passes

Higginbotham preached in West Virginia for 60 years.

Ohio preacher pays tribute to Lorenzo Collins

David Kenney honors the life of a faithful gospel preacher.

Gospel Advocate president Kerry Anderson dies

Greg Tidwell announced the news last night.

Goebel Music, author of ‘Behold the Pattern,’ dies

Gospel preacher and Christian author Goebel music has died.

‘Her life was full of God’s love': former executive assistant to Secretary of State Jim Baker dies

Shirley Ann Clegg (1948-2013).

‘He knew where he was going': Don Edwards was gentle giant

He was 6’9″, but his spiritual stature was greater.

‘His passion was teaching others about Christ': Wilson Wallace passes

A son of Foy E. Wallace, Jr., died in Texas, after 67 years of ministry.

Missionary Kyle Allen dies on return to India

Cause of death is not certain, but he became ill on flight back to his work.

Evangelist Ted Knight eulogizes Joe Spaulding as ‘church builder’

Joe continued to explore ways to serve in his work for the Master. He never intended to idle away his years after retirement, but to fill them with service to God and his fellowman.

98-year-old was ‘beautiful daughter of the Lord’s’

A Christian saint who showed the beauty of the Lord passes in Tenn.