PITESTI, Romania (BNC) by Harvey Starling — Anton Voicila was a dear brother in Christ. He was a diligent worker in the Pitesti church for years! He passed from this life in December of late last year at the age of 81. He became a Christian in January 1995. He struggled with cancer the few years of his life.

We mourn with his wife Rachel and their son and daughter. Every member of the church in all seven congregations loved Anton! He was a joy to know and work with in the kingdom and as always, from the beginning of 1995 until he died, ready to serve where he could. Anton was deaf, as is his wife and several other Christians in the congregation, but this did not hinder him from being a loving brother and servant.

Anton was a man of faith! He was a man of love and always greeted each with a smile, a firm handshake and a hug. He is greatly missed! Our prayers are with his sweet wife Rachel. As of this writing, she continues to live in Pitesti, but may move to live with their daughter in Bucharest soon.

Every Christian in all seven churches is dear to me, but of course I know some better than others. Anton was special! It is true, he was not able to speak words as most of us do, but he “spoke loudly” with his life, his countenance and love! Truly, it can be said, as of Abel in the Bible, “he is dead yet Anton speaks” for all to hear!

From “Evangelistically Speaking,” Feb. 2020.