MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (BNC) by Michael E. Brooks — Missions, especially Bangladesh and Nepal missions, has lost a great friend and benefactor. William Britton, former long-time elder of the Highland Park congregation, passed away Sunday evening, Apr. 3.

Among William’s many interests and accomplishments, he was especially noted as a promoter and supporter of missions. His longest and greatest involvement was with the work in South Asia, especially in Bangladesh.

Having served the last year of World War II in Calcutta, India, traveling widely through what is now Bangladesh, William maintained an interest in that region and particularly was concerned to see the gospel preached there.

In 1989, while serving as an elder at Highland Park, he encouraged Harvey Hasha (then a deacon, recently retired from his business) to visit Bangladesh to see what might be done to assist the small efforts already begun by others.

As a result of that initial visit, Highland Park became deeply involved in evangelistic campaigns and later in founding Khulna Bible College to train preachers and leaders for the church there in their own country and language.

William Britton was one of the elders who invited me to serve as the minister for Highland Park in 1992, and encouraged me to visit Bangladesh and Nepal and become involved with the work in those countries. Over the years he traveled with me to Asia twice, and often gave advice and encouragement about the work.

William made other trips to South Asia, including campaigns in India with the late Charles Scott. His most recent visit to Bangladesh was in 2006. He contributed generously to the work, not only financially, but in planning and development as well. His was a consistent and committed voice in support of missions worldwide, but especially in Bangladesh and Nepal.

We honor him for his character, his leadership, and his faith.