MEMPHIS, Tenn. (BNc) — Two children’s letters arrived with donations for Japan at the Park Avenue church. The letters speak for themselves. To borrow a biblical phrase, “a little child shall lead them.”

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Children contribute for Japan

The school group sent a check for over $400.00.

Kara’s last name and street address have been removed, since she’s a minor.

Children contribute for Japan

The teachers at Greater Atlanta Christian School and the father of Kara are to be commended, both for supporting the children’s initiative as well as encouraging them to write in their own hand to the Park Avenue church.

Relief efforts in Japan continue, and the needs there are very great. Clean-up will continue for many months, even years, to come.

The Park Avenue church continues to receive and remit funds to the Japanese church.

Over $600,000 has been received so far. Contributions large and small make the difference.

The funds from these children will be a great help for the people whose homes and lives were destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.

See the link above for information on how you can contribute to the efforts there.