evangelistic campaignSALVADOR, Brazil (BNc) — The results of an evangelistic campaign in the sprawling Cazajeiras neighborhood “were quite satisfactory,” organizer Miro Dias said.

The three-day event was held June 20-23 with the theme, “Restoration: Back to the Bible and to Simple Christianity.”

Brethren from all the city’s congregations helped to distribute about 7200 invitations, Miro noted.

The organizers were given a 120-seat auditorium for the event at no cost.

Rented bicycles with speakers provided 10 hours of publicity.

An average of 45 people participated in the studies, 15 of those visitors, and the rest brethren from the congregations which helped in the campaign.

From this effort came fifteen contacts for further Bible studies.

“Best of all is the opportunity of hosting a nucleus of the School of the Bible in the House of the Worker in Cajazeiras,” Miro said.

Cajazeiras is the largest neighborhood in Latin American. The government housing project has about 660 thousand inhabitants.