Guatemala quake puts 400 saints in need

BICA Guatemala

Roberto Alvarez: Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala (BNc) — Fifty-one houses of saints were damaged in the Nov. 7 earthquake, and approximately 400 in the church are in need right now, Roberto Alvarez said in the latest newsletter of the Biblical Institute of Central America.

Roberto is an evangelist working from Guatemala City with the BICA ministry. Continue reading

Hartford, AL church is rebuilding after fire destroyed building

by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

HARTFORD, Ala (BNc) — The Hartford, Alabama church is rebuilding after being destroyed by a late night fire earlier this year. Recently we stopped to see the new metal structure and were met by Terry Whaley, member of the church, and David Creel, member of the church from Dothan, Ala. who is donating his work on the building.

The church wants to begin meeting in the new building the middle of August. There is much work to be done and it is being delayed by a lack of funds. When asked what their immediate needs were, Whaley replied, “We need money for the heating and cooling system and carpet.”

The Hartford congregation is small in number, but is located close to a nice subdivision. The members worship in a mobile home on the church property at the present time.

Terry Whaley may be reached at 334-701-9690. Jim Simmons, local preacher, may be reached at 334-886-3202. Whaley said contributions may be mailed to the Hartford Church of Christ, 801 Commerce Street, Hartford, AL 36344. Any amount would be appreciated.

Let’s help get this building finished so they can get on with the Father’s business.

Donations fall for Japan relief

japan church of ChristMEMPHIS, Tenn. (BNc) – The Park Avenue church has received close to $600 thousand in donations for the Japan relief fund, according to Dwight Albright, missions worker with the congregation, in emails sent to BNc today.

These donations have come from 41 states, 4 foreign countries, and 1 territory.

From April to May, contributions fell almost by two-thirds, according to figures Dwight furnished to BNc. He assumed a gradual decrease in donations, but was hesitant to attribute it to needs arising from the destruction that occurred in the U.S., from tornadoes and flooding. Continue reading

American churches, Christians suffer from tornados

churches destroyed by tornadosSOUTHERN U.S. (BNc) – Christians and churches across the U.S. suffered from the tornados that left a wake of destruction in the past days.

Ricky Glass noted on Facebook that the Hackelburg Ala., church building is gone; the preacher and wife lost all they had, the town itself, demolished. Amy Hester wrote that Betty Lane, the preacher’s wife, is in the hospital at Hamilton.

The Bethel church in Athens, Ala., got hit as well, the church building is gone (photo, left), many members have lost their homes, according to one report. Continue reading

JAPAN: ‘Ongoing desperate need for funds’

IBARAKI, Japan (BNc) – After a visit to the most affected areas in Japan, Joel Osburne, missionary with the Mito congregation, reports an “ongoing desperate need for funds” in the country.

Dwight Albright reported yesterday that the Park Avenue church in Memphis, Tenn., had “received contributions from 35 states. Alaska and North Carolina were added to the list yesterday [Apr. 13]. Contributions are approaching $300,000.”

That amount pales, however, compared to the crushing need that continues in Japan. Continue reading

Park Ave. church collects $240k for Japan

MEMPHIS, Tenn (BNc) — The Park Avenue church has collected $240,000 for disaster relief in Japan, as of Mar. 18, wrote elder Paul Goddard.

“We have received contributions from 33 states and the territory of American Samoa,” Paul said.

Paul also shared information sent by Dwight Albright, long-time worker involved in the Japan and supported by Park Avenue.

“I received three calls yesterday from elders in as many congregations wanting information about us receiving funds and where they will be sent. I anticipate more contributions and am astonished at how the word has gotten out about our involvement,” he said. Continue reading

JAPAN: Preacher plans visit to disaster center in Sendai

by Masa Nonogaki, Yokota church

YOKOTA, Japan (BNc) – Thank you for your prayers and support. It has been known Japan is a land of earthquake.

At least once a week we have a earthquake we can actually feel. This is beyond what we have expected. Things are slowly moving forward.

I plan to do the following things if the Lord wills. Continue reading

JAPAN: Mito tallies emotional, spiritual damage

by Atsushi Tsuneki, Mito, Japan, church of Christ, in email sent Mar. 29

MITO, Japan (BNc) – Two weeks after the earthquake have passed. We now start to realize not only the physical damages, but also how much our own members are damaged and affected emotionally, spiritually, and in their life. For example:

* Richardson family had to make a very difficult decision of moving back to the States after spending their 13.5 years in Japan. They just left Japan March 28. They were very busy last week, packing, closing their business, and cleaning their house. Many of our members helped the Richardson family and volunteered to clean their house and English school last Thursday through Sunday evening. Not enough time to mourn and say good-bye. We need to move on, but this is very sad. Continue reading

JAPAN: Missionary plans trip to worst area

Editor’s note: The earthquake and tsunami damage to Japan was so great, that we are sharing a series of stories, emails, and reports. All can be localized under the tag Japan. Following is an email from Marlin Ray, at Ibaraki, sent this morning.

IBARAKI, Japan (BNc) – We are doing well. It is clear and cold in Ibaraki with temperatures near freezing or lower at night and about 45 during the day. We still get aftershocks all the time, probably eight or 10 big ones everyday. I am getting used to them at night so that I usually sleep through most of them. Continue reading

JAPAN: Unstable situation poses ‘dilemma’

JAPAN (BNc) — The preacher’s wife at Ochanomizu sent this unedited email to Dwight Albright Sat., Mar. 26.

Good morning. I will share with you some of the conditions here. It is still quite unpredictable. Yesterday as was told, citizens are fearful because of the nuclear accident, especially from reports that they cannot deliver goods to those living in Fukushima. In the midst of this we are all trying to encourage each other to keep a level head. The stress in children is beginning to be seen. They are writing about this condition with children. Continue reading