by Masa Nonogaki, Yokota church

YOKOTA, Japan (BNc) — Thank you for your prayers and support. It has been known Japan is a land of earthquake.

At least once a week we have a earthquake we can actually feel. This is beyond what we have expected. Things are slowly moving forward.

I plan to do the following things if the Lord wills.

1. I will transfer all the money sent to me to help victims to the account of Mito Church of Christ, which is making a team for a rescue mission. I cannot leave here right away, so I have decided to entrust all the money to Mito Church.

2. I have talked to people in Sendai Church of Christ, where is located in the major disaster areas. This church is so small that they meet only once a month, but they want someone to deliver the gospel message. I will visit them in May. That time also I visit my friend in Miyagi Prison. He is safe. Tsunami came really close to the prison. I also would like to visit another friend who has been studying the Bible with me by email.

Please continue praying for us. You can send us a check payable to Yokota Church of Christ to the following address. I will make sure the funds will be spent to help the victims both Christians and non-Christians.

The money will not be spent to repair church buildings. Right now I think we need to help people who are suffering.

Jennifer Daniel
PSC 78
Box 3377
APO, AP 96326

Once again I appreciate your prayers. May God be glorified in all things.

In His service, Masa

Funds sent to the Park Ave. church in Memphis are also being routed to the Mito church.