japan church of ChristMEMPHIS, Tenn. (BNc) — The Park Avenue church has received close to $600 thousand in donations for the Japan relief fund, according to Dwight Albright, missions worker with the congregation, in emails sent to BNc today.

These donations have come from 41 states, 4 foreign countries, and 1 territory.

From April to May, contributions fell almost by two-thirds, according to figures Dwight furnished to BNc. He assumed a gradual decrease in donations, but was hesitant to attribute it to needs arising from the destruction that occurred in the U.S., from tornadoes and flooding.

The Bramlea church in Toronto is coordinating collections from Canada, with over $90 thousand received, Dwight said.

Ivan Voser, a worker in Switzerland, told Dwight that churches in German-speaking countries of Europe will send funds directly to the Mito congregation. They may have received funds from other countries this way.

Other churches and individuals in the U.S. have sent tens of thousands of dollars directly to Japan as well.

“Additionally, Healing Hand, Whites Ferry Road Relief, and Global Samaritans are also taking donations. While these do not go to the Mito church, they are church-related organizations,” Dwight said.

All funds received by Park Avenue go to the Mito church. A Churches of Christ East Japan Relief committee has been formed, composed of members from several congregations in Japan. They have assigned responsibilities and are sending teams into the area each week.

Information about the Japan relief work is updated regularly on the Park Avenue website. Donations, still greatly needed because of the immense damage to the country, can still be made on the Japan relief page, by various means, including PayPal.