MEMPHIS, Tenn (BNc) — The Park Avenue church has collected $240,000 for disaster relief in Japan, as of Mar. 18, wrote elder Paul Goddard.

“We have received contributions from 33 states and the territory of American Samoa,” Paul said.

Paul also shared information sent by Dwight Albright, long-time worker involved in the Japan and supported by Park Avenue.

“I received three calls yesterday from elders in as many congregations wanting information about us receiving funds and where they will be sent. I anticipate more contributions and am astonished at how the word has gotten out about our involvement,” he said.

He said that brother Shio Obata, who has experience with relief follow up from the Kobe earthquake in 1995, had had some recent health problems.

Recently, Shio made a trip to the Mito church to meet with the leadership. He will go with Joel Osborne, missionary at Mito, and Sasha Ingle, apprentice missionary there, into Sendai next week to investigate long term relief efforts.

“I’m glad he is physically able to offer help from his past experience,” Dwight wrote, “This information will soon be posted to our website.”