By Roy Davison

YANGON, Myanmar (BNc)- Two American brothers have gone to this country stricken by typhoon for relief work and Bible teaching.

hamms.jpgDaniel Hamm, who has served as a missionary in northeast Thailand, and James Mack, preacher with the Taylor Street congregation in Kenton, Tenn., arrived in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), July 30 for typhoon relief work and to conduct Bible Schools to strengthen some of the 300 Christians in this country of 58 million.

They taught about 50 people at the Hmawbi Bible School for two weeks, six of whom obeyed the gospel.

Nine students who had lost their houses in the May 3 typhoon were given relief aid. One man swam to safety with his small son under his arm and then returned to rescue others. One saw his father drown. Another lost all of her sister’s family except her brother-in-law.

The government did not allow Americans to travel to the cyclone disaster areas, so Burmese Christians were equipped to go and provide relief. By means of a small boat, rice and cooking oil were sent to six villages damaged by the typhoon. They visited an orphanage, replaced their roof that was blown off during the typhoon and provided ten 110-pound bags of rice. They were able to teach about New Testament Christianity at the orphanage for two days.

At the hotel where the brethren were staying, 37 of the 100 staff had suffered great loss during the storm. Each of these families was given a 110-pound bag of rice, which is enough to feed their families for about three months.

After arriving in Burma, brother Hamm was asked to teach at a Bible College 1000 miles to the north. He first thought this would not be possible, but a few days later he and his translator were flying to Kayle to teach 17 students at the Kayle Bible College and to preach in a four-day gospel meeting.

Brother Hamm returned to Yangon Aug. 15.

On Saturday morning, August 16th, brother Hamm and brother Mack flew from Myanmar to northeast Thailand for a two-week Leaders Bible School there, teaching Nehemiah and 1-2 Kings.

Lord willing, they are to return to the States Aug. 30.

Brother Hamm nearly died in April when his leukemia flared up after a trip to Thailand and Burma. The Hamms plan to sell their house to pay off $14,000 in medical bills that have accumulated during the 12 years that brother Hamm has had leukemia.

The Hammses’ work is overseen by the Bybee church in McMinnville, Tenn. When in the U.S., brother Hamm preaches with the North Marshall congregation near Calvert City, Ky.

For more information about the work in Myanmar and Thailand, write to brother Hamm.