by staff of World Video Bible School

LIVINGSTON, Tex. (BNc) — Dave Collier Sr. has been the chaplain for the Texas Death Row located near Livingston for the past five years. One of his duties is to be present in the room at the foot of the prisoner while he receives the lethal injection.

More importantly, Dave attends to the death row inmates’ spiritual need to know the Lord.

Dave and his coworkers have baptized over 35 men on death row using WVBS materials as their resource.

The first person to be executed in 2011 had been baptized into Christ back in 2006.

Other inmates in the prison unit, but not on death row, are also able to hear the gospel. There are approximately 60 of these in attendance for worship on Sunday.

Over 30 baptisms have occurred among these men in recent years.

WVBS is thankful to be able to provide materials from the church for this good work. May God receive the glory!

Source: WVBS Facebook page.