Prisoners hear the gospel in Brazil through Bible correspondence courses

Brazilian prison

A “compact prison” in São Paulo state

SÃO JOÃO DA BOA VISTA, Brazil (BNc) — From this city in the eastern region of São Paulo state, inmates in four state penitentiaries are hearing the gospel of Christ.

José Domingos de Pádua, evangelist with the church in São João da Boa Vista, said that Bibles, correspondence courses, and DVDs have been sent to the state prisons in Marília, Serra Azul, Balbinos e Flórida Paulista. Continue reading

WVBS: 35 men baptized on Texas’ Death Row

by staff of World Video Bible School

LIVINGSTON, Tex. (BNc) – Dave Collier Sr. has been the chaplain for the Texas Death Row located near Livingston for the past five years. One of his duties is to be present in the room at the foot of the prisoner while he receives the lethal injection.

More importantly, Dave attends to the death row inmates’ spiritual need to know the Lord.

Dave and his coworkers have baptized over 35 men on death row using WVBS materials as their resource. Continue reading

Prison Outbreak … in Reverse!

by Ruth Orr

CEDAR PARK, Tex. (BNc)- In 2006 we were set to go into the Anambra State prison where we had 64 prisoners who had studied World Bible School lessons and were ready for baptism. We had long awaited this day.

About then, there was an upheaval in Magdugari, Northern Nigeria. It seems that a school teacher had told a girl to put her Koran up. When she refused, the teacher took the book from her saying she could have it back after school. The teacher gave the book back to her, but that night rioting broke out. Continue reading