by Brad Harrub

Your life has already been affected in some way by Islam. Whether it was the terrorist attacks of 9/11 (and subsequent changes in airline travel) or finding verses from the Qu’ran in your child’s literature books, the fact remains that Islam is here and growing.

  • Did you know that Islam is growing at a rate of 25% or more per year in places like Africa?
  • Are you aware there is clear strategy among Islamic leaders to turn America into an Islamic nation?
  • Are you aware Sharia Law allows Muslim men to marry four women?
  • Did you know the Qu’ran has passages that specifically mention the goal of Islam is “world dominance?”

The April issue of Think magazine focuses on this important issue. We are making an electronic version available—free of charge, no strings attached—to help educate Americans of this serious threat.

We humbly ask that you read this issue and arm yourself with the Truth. To access the magazine go to and click on the Islam link.

We invite you to forward this offer on to friends, family, and church leaders. We thank you for your time and attention on this important matter.

For those who would like hard copies of the magazine we are offering bundles of 10 copies for $15.00 (which includes shipping).