MANSFIELD, Tex. (BNc) — Two churches will host a week-long tent meeting in the greater Fort Worth area beginning today.

The West Mansfield church, together with the Lindsay, Okla., congregation will hold the meeting June 7-12.

The tent is located at 7220 FM 1187 in Mansfield.

The 2009 campaign theme is “Christ is Mine: All to Him I now resign.”

Lessons each night at 7:30 pm will include these topics:

  • The Gospel of Christ is Mine (all men are responsible to render obedience to the gospel).
  • The Blood of Christ is Mine (all men have access to the benefits of the shed blood of Jesus).
  • The Church of Christ is Mine (the church of Christ is the one body).
  • The Mind of Christ is Mine (becoming like Christ is the goal of Christianity).
  • The Love of Christ is Mine (the love of Christ constrains the disciple).
  • The Marks of Christ are Mine (endurance under trial is evidence of true discipleship).

Each night Brant Stubblefield and Rick Popejoy will be preaching at the tent.

The campaigns are also noted for the beautiful singing. Some of the best song leaders in the Fort Worth area will lead singing.

Another noted feature of the tent meeting is the fifteen minutes offered to any denominational preacher who comes to the tent to justify his church’s existence from the Bible and the questions taken each night by the speakers on topics of salvation.

The campaign began Saturday, June 6, when saints from Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri as well as other parts of Texas converged upon Mansfield and knocked doors to invite people of all races and religions to study the Bible.

There are 50,000 souls in Mansfield alone.