by Earl F. Ash

38thcantonCANTON, Oh. (BNc) — Two congregations have united for the work of saving souls.

For many years the church in Canton, Ohio has maintained several congregations. Two have served the northern section of Canton.

Nearly 20 years ago the congregation, on 9th Street SW moved into its current location on 38th Street NW. That move placed it within six miles of the Market Avenue congregation.

These two congregations have always enjoyed a great relationship and cooperated in many good works, but each has maintained a separate facility. That has now changed!

Because saving souls is the mission of the church, these congregations are uniting to do the work in Canton.

While any change can be difficult, this is a very exciting time for the saints of this new congregation.

The elders at the Northwest church have worked very diligently and prayerfully to accomplish this goal. It is hoped that many more souls can be reached for the Lord by coming together in this way.

Please pray for the church in Canton and celebrate with them, as this new chapter begins in the Lord’s work at what will now be known as the Northwest church, located at 3904 38th St NW, Canton, OH 44718.