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Catholic Priest obeys gospel

by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, Ala (BNc) — A former Catholic priest and his wife obeyed the gospel when Jerry Davidson took a team into the Amerindian Village of Moruca, June 18-July 9, 2012. The group  taught and baptized 21, saw two restored and one wedding. Team members were: Mike and Melissa Barnes, Jay Mikel, Opp, AL; Jerry Davidson, Hazel Rands, Summerdale, AL; Gene Johnson, Decatur, AL; David and Philena Paher, Flint, MI.

Aubrey Vincent LaCurz, former Roman Catholic Priest, wrote the following letter expressing his appreciation for being taught the truth of the gospel.

Dear Brother Jerry,

It is with gratitude and heartfelt thanksgiving to God that I pen these few words to you. Fifty four years ago I was born a Catholic. I was schooled in the best Catholic schools in Guyana. I attended the Catholic seminary and the best university in the West Indies. I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest on June 24, 1984. Among my former colleagues are Catholic bishops in the West Indies. Among them the bishop of Georgetown, Guyana, who was at Santa Rosa, Moruca the day I was baptized in the waters of the Moruca river. Read more

Amerindian mission trip reaps fruit

by Glenda Williams, BNC correspondent

GENEVA, Ala. (BNc) — Jerry O. Davidson, missionary to the Amerindians villages  in Guyana, recently completed another mission trip June 24-July 16.  Efforts were focused on St. Cuthbert’s Mission Village and Kopinang Village.

Those participating in the campaign included 20 Americans, two Trinidadians and approximately 25 from Guyana. Among the Americans were six members from the youth group at the New Union church in Manchester, Tenn. They were led by Mark Williams.

The purpose of this trip was to conduct Vacation Bible School and a campaign for Christ. The VBS was scheduled to begin at 6:30 each evening. 178 children attended every night and were there 30 minutes early ready to study the Bible.

The campaign for Christ reaped 200 in attendance each night. Total visible results for the time period of the three-week effort were 55 restorations, 31 baptisms and three weddings.

The evangelistic services in Kopinang Village were conducted under an open galvanized roof shed which is the village marketplace. Using a string of  light bulbs powered by a small gas generator, there was enough light for those attending to follow along in the Bible during the sermon.

Davidson reported buying a gallon of gas for the generator and paying $15.00 U.S. currency for it. Read more

OK: Churches knock every door in town

doorknockingpLAWTON, Okla (BNc) – Knocking doors and asking strangers to study the Bible. This may seem like an out-of-date method of saving the lost – but not for the Northwest church in Lawton, Okla. They know it still works, it’s effective, it’s gratifying and, most importantly, it follows the Great Commission.

It’s a chance to take people “Back to the Bible” for a basic study of the Scriptures, through a tried and proven method known as the “Safety Chain.” This logical method of Scripture study was developed years ago by the Northwest congregation and has been used to convert thousands of people throughout the years. Read more