NEPAL, Kathmandu (BNc)- Recently, a Christian couple were in the beautiful country of Nepal for two weeks as tourists.
While there they purchased some Nepali Bibles to give to any who might express an interest in Christianity. They also arranged to have some DVDs copied.
One young lady asked if she could have a Bible in English, so the sister gave her her own Bible that she had used for 20 years to teach children’s classes. The young lady said she would read from it every morning.
Four families who requested Bibles asked to have an introduction to the Bible, so they could understand it better when they read it.
As a result of these introductions, three men from these families requested baptism. Those baptized will start meeting together to pray and study.
Nepal is a mountainous country between India and China. The official language is Nepali, a derivative of Sanskrit. The population of 26 million consists of many different races and tribes.
Nepal became a republic on May 28, 2008. The elected Constituent Assembly is currently working on a new constitution. The Interim Constitution provides for freedom to practice one’s religion but specifically denies the right to convert another person. Nepal is 81% Hindu, 11% Buddhist and 4% Muslim. About one half of one percent are Christian in the broadest sense of the word.
The picture is of Mt. Everest.