Zagreb building vandalized

ZAGREB, Croatia (BNc)- On Sunday night, Nov. 23, stones were thrown at the door of the building of the Kuslanova Street congregation in Zagreb, breaking glass and causing minor damage to the wall.

Police investigated the scene the next morning. The identity of the vandals and their motives are not known.
Mladen Jovanovic states: “We have always had a good reputation in the neighborhood. We have never had problems like that before.”
In the picture, co-worker Mislav Ilic is examining the damage.
There are seven congregations in Croatia, three of which are in Zagreb.
‘Good News’ radio programs have been broadcast by Christians in Croatia (and the former Yugoslavia) for more than 30 years.
An Institute for Biblical Studies, with a four-year study program recognized by the local university, serves churches of Christ in Croatia.

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