EDMOND, Okla. (BNc)- Brethren and area churches placed a full-page color advertisement in the Daily Oklahoman Jan. 6, in response to the Mark Henderson interview in which he announced that Quail Springs Family of God was adding an instrumental service on Sunday mornings.

The ad marks Henderson as a false teacher.

The ad is titled, “Changing God’s Tune?,” and features a guitar prominently displayed with three articles. Gil Yoder wrote on “God’s Silence,” Brant Stubblefield on “The Challenge” and Rick Popejoy on “Bible Authority.”

Stubblefield’s article issued a challenge to Henderson to debate the subject of instrumental music. Popejoy’s article included a seven-step “Salvation Pattern.”

Under the unsigned title “Henderson Marked,” the ad stated that “congregations all across Oklahoma and Texas have marked and now publicly identify Mark Henderson as a false teacher for adding elements to the worship which God did not authorize; thereby placing himself outside of fellowship with God and the church. Typically churches of Christ refrain from publicizing such news to the world. When Mark Henderson made the issue public via the Daily Oklahoman, it became our responsibility to do the same. Prayers and supplications still rise on Henderson’s behalf for his repentance.”

Quail Springs is a part of the fellowship of churches of Christ. They instituted a Sunday-morning instrumental service Jan. 27.

“The phones are ringing at the Lindsay congregation regarding this ad. Most calls are very positive,” David Dugan, preacher of the Eighth and Lee church, Lawton, wrote in an email to BNc. “Denominationalists are calling in and requesting studies and study material about the subject of instrumental music in worship.”

For a copy of the Daily Oklahoman ad in pdf format, click here.

Popejoy, missionary to Oklahoma in Lindsay and editor of Reflections, was a moving force behind the ad.

Reflections is a bi-monthly publication of the Lindsay congregation sent to 40,000 individuals and congregations across the United States.

Popejoy also maintains a blog that has received over 2000 visits in just the last week concerning this topic.

Subscriptions to the magazine are free, noted Popejoy, which can be received by sending an email to biblereflections@hotmail.com with a full mailing address.



  1. Sadness…extreme sadness. Tolerance is devouring the church Jesus Christ established on earth. Satan is rejoicing with instruments in worship (to himself because he is the father of liars). It is a lie if a person says that God has authorized instrumental music in New Testament worship. It is NOT in the Word of God. Christianity is not tolerant of sin (see the letters of Paul to the church) – really!

    Please make time to study what the Bible says about true worship.

  2. It has been really busy here. I have been on the phone constantly with members and denominationalists. We have set up five Bible studies and will probably get a sixth study out the article.

    For example, we had a Methodist call and state that “the article made me rethink instruments in worship.”

    A Catholic will be worshipping with us in the next couple of weeks.

    A Menenite called to praise us for having the courage to stand up for our belief.

    Channel 4 (KFOR) news came out last night for an interview. It will be on the 10:00 PM News (THU) in Oklahoma City. I believe that you can watch it on the internet http://www.kfor.com.

    Here is the real kicker, we have discussed this issue with hundreds of members of the church (members up to 30 years) who do not know anything about Bible authority and the principle of silence.

    The Bethany Tribune called and wanted the ad because there was so much news being generated because of it.

    The Talon, the official newspaper for Oklahoma Christian University also called for an interview for an article that will appear this Friday.

    We are still receiving calls and email over this issue.

  3. It is unfortunate that such an event has taken place. It is, however, a pleasant thing to see christians standing and contending for the faith. I also applaud the situation being handled with prudence and the efforts to help use this situation to teach others. It amazes me, how many people fail to see what the Bible has to say concerning spiritual songs and our responsibility in handling them rightly.

  4. Dear brethren,

    It is imperative that preachers teach about authority in religion, respecting the silence of Scripture, and the application of such, including unaccompanied congregational singing in worship.

    No doubt we have some problems because we have not taught on these matters consistently and regularly.

    I personally will be glad to engage in public debate with any defender of instrumental music in worship (at mutually agreed times and places). I will gladly affirm that the use of instruments of music in worship is without scriptural, linguistic, or historic precedent in New Testament worship.

    Brethren, let’s get on the offense!

    John Brown
    Flatwoods, Kentucky

  5. I am deeply saddened that this group of Oklahoma preachers decided to respond to our brethren at Quail Springs in a secular paper. Is this really the proper way to handle the matter? To take it before the unbelievers? As an Oklahoma preacher and his wife, my husband and I were not a part of this group who publically aired the church’s laundry.

  6. Mrs. Keele, I’m deeply saddened also but for very different reason. It’s sad that Quail Springs church decided to announce their decision to err from The Path in the secular paper. How else was this to be addressed? Think about this, the Quail Springs church chose the battle ground, what were the faithful churches to do? Send a note? Meet with them? And I am a member of a congregation that opposes this error. I’m not ashamed to have the world know!

    1. I believe you’re right, Sandy! It’s sad, but we cannot let error go unopposed. I pray for our erring brothers and sisters, who are removing themselves from biblical authority and submitting themselves to denominational error.

  7. I have been in the Church of Christ for many years. I hate to see Satan use such a thing as a guitar seperate believers. The time and effort placed in this ad could have been focused on bringing people to know Christ. While I personaly have not done enough study to have a well developed opinion one way or the other, what I do know this is a sad sad day. No wonder people hate the church. There is so much bickering amongst believers how could we ever hope to reach the lost. Satan knows that a devided church is powerless. My greatest hope and prayer is that the Lord will use this sad event to get people intriqued about Churches of Christ. Get the lost in off the streets and into the church, even if it is just to find out why this is such a hot topic. I know the Lord can and will work in any church that is Loving God, Growing Believers, Serving Others and Sharing Jesus. I pray that is exactly what everyone is here to do.

    Peace and Joy

  8. Dear Sandy – Two wrongs do not make a right. The preachers should have risen above and sought higher ground. I still stand behind my comment that the secular world is not the place for us to resolve our issues in the church.

  9. I do not see this as a situation of two wrongs seeking to make something right. The Lord’s church was put in the spotlight by those who have chosen to go against God’s authority. This may have been the first introduction to the church of Christ for some people, and to be done in the light of false teaching is a serious issue. While it would have been better if Quail Springs and Mark Henderson had not chosen to broadcast this decision in such a way, I am thankful that there are faithful brethren who had the courage to stand up for the Truth in God’s Word. I respect those who do not agree with the actions of those who placed this ad, but I feel that a public airing of false teaching deserved a public response.

  10. Joe May is still getting set up in the program here, but he asked me to post this for him:

    We appreciate everyone’s feedback on this controversial issue. Scripture leaves us with no clearcut example of what to do in such situations. Should we take the issue to the secular papers or should we leave it in-house? Brethren have given excellent, well-studied responses for both sides of the coin. At BrotherhoodNews.com our purpose is to inform the brotherhood about issues that arise. Because this topic has been thoroughly discussed and each side given the opportunity to weigh in, we respectfully request that further comments about the appropriateness of the ads be made elsewhere so as to avoid causing any further controversy or hurt feelings. You may continue to comment on the overall QS issue, but let’s refrain from further comments on the appropriateness of the ads.

  11. I’ve been a member of the church all my life (50 short years) and have visited denominations which permit instrumental music. Instrumental music is fine for entertainment purposes and the majority of my denominational friends freely admit the “entertainment value” of instrumental music. Many use entertainment to attract non-believers, but in my opinion this is false worship. We don’t go to church to be entertained—we go to worship. The best way to truly worship our Lord is through the instruments he blessed us with–our natural voices singing praises to Him. What man made instrument can rival God’s creations????

  12. I appreciate anyone who will stand for their convictions. However, when that stand is based upon ignorance and/or rejection of clear Biblical teaching then that person or persons has violated the totality of Scripture.

    On occasion I have discussed this issue with those who were pro-instrumental in their views. In each case when asked, ‘Do you believe the use of the instrument is essential to proper worship?’, the answer is always no. If then this issue is so divisive and by their own statements non-essential, why divide the body of Christ?

    I’ve asked this question of many and in each case received as answer some variation of, “We the leaders reached this decision in an effort to reach out to more people.”

    Brethren, growth that comes from any activity that is without God’s blessing is not growth but digression.

    Dave has done a masterful job in presenting the truth from the source of all truth. I commend him for this good work.

  13. Why not disclose what churches and what individuals collaborated and paid for the ad being published? One of the strongest criticisms of placing the ad is that the responsible parties are anonymous. There is no legitimate reason why their identities should be kept secret. The credibility of the ad is questioned because those responsible for it have not been willing to be publicly identified. Are they ashamed? Are they afraid? Do they lack convincing credentials? Are they a smaller group than they have led the world to believe? Is there some kind of deceit going on?

    The public cannot assess the credibility of the article without knowing who is behind it. Tell us. It’s the right thing to do.

  14. While it is a sin to add or take from God’s inspired word, mechanical instruments in worship is not at the heart of this issue. Deut. 4:2, Prov. 30:6 and Rev. 22:18&19 From creation of man the devil has tried to rule through the very beings God created. God’s word is all sufficient and those who would circumvent His teachings commit an old and deadly sin, the sin of presumption. The beloved apostle Peter speaks of these kinds of people as presumptuous or self-willed, not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries. 2 Peter 2:10 David wanted God to keep him from presumptuous sin. Psalms 19:13 God, Christ, nor the Holy Spirit authorized, mechanical instruments of music in the worship of the Lord’s church. Those who do so without the authority of God are presumtuous. Their authority comes from self, therefore, they presume to know more about what God wants than God Himself. The church of Christ has always used an INSTRUMENT in worship to God, we just use the one God made and not man. Eph. 5:19 Acts 17:25 God has specified where the melody is to be made; in the heart. That excludes all other types of making melody. For you brethren that are against the use of an in instrument in worship, would you please be clear, instrument you do you oppose? The secular world recognizes that God made the first instrument, why, won’t those who profess Christians? Again, if you make melody in the heart you honor God by obeying Him. If you use mechanical insturments made by man you are presumptuous and elevate the mind of man above the mind of Go. The matter is simple, are you going to be guided by presumptuous men or by the all sufficient word of God. 2 Tim. 3:15— To speak as the oracles of God is to respect God and will unite those who follow Jesus. Short of that confusion and division will continue to thirve among those who PROFESS to follow God. Because I Care: Frank

  15. Alan,
    The credibility of the ad stands on the word of God not upon its supports. Who wrote the book of Hebrews? By the way, my name, phone number and email address is on the article. It is not anonymous! Truth is not arrived at by popular vote or by concensus.

  16. It may seem hopeless to some to write and admonish those who condone any type of “worship” on the grounds that biblical silence equals a license to practice whatever pleases the masses. However, the bible calls for us as Christians to “warn the unruly” (I Thes 5:14), “mark them which cause divisions and offenses…and avoid them” (Rom 16:17); “yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother” (II Thes 3:15).

    Therefore, I praise you not, that ye come together not for the better but for the worse. For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that divisions exist among you, within the Quail Springs congregation; and I partly believe it. For there must be also factions among you, that they that are approved may be made manifest among you.

    When therefore ye assemble yourselves together, it is not possible for all to teach and admonish one another through singing with grace in their hearts to the Lord (Col 3:16): for in your separate assemblies some practice a “contemporary” form of worship, with the use of mechanical instruments, while others follow the biblical pattern of singing with the fruit of their lips—one is entertained and the later is edified.

    What, have ye not houses to entertain yourselves in? or despise ye the church of God, and put them to shame that would rather worship in spirit and truth? What shall I say to you? shall I praise you? In this I praise you not.

    For I received of the Lord that which the scriptures teach, that the Lord’s body in the first century spoke to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in their hearts to the Lord (Eph 5:19).

    It is commendable of the 300 members who chose to wear the whole armor of God (reminiscent of the 300 Spartans) despite the odds they faced. Unfortunately, the remainder are “puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that [they] that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you” (I Cor 5:2).

    It is my plea that the church at Quail Springs will repent and pray their divisiveness be forgiven…(Acts 8:22, 23).

    In brotherly love,
    Darrel Collier
    Temple, TX

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