EDMOND, Okla. (BNc)- Brethren and area churches placed a full-page color advertisement in the Daily Oklahoman Jan. 6, in response to the Mark Henderson interview in which he announced that Quail Springs Family of God was adding an instrumental service on Sunday mornings.

The ad marks Henderson as a false teacher.

The ad is titled, “Changing God’s Tune?,” and features a guitar prominently displayed with three articles. Gil Yoder wrote on “God’s Silence,” Brant Stubblefield on “The Challenge” and Rick Popejoy on “Bible Authority.”

Stubblefield’s article issued a challenge to Henderson to debate the subject of instrumental music. Popejoy’s article included a seven-step “Salvation Pattern.”

Under the unsigned title “Henderson Marked,” the ad stated that “congregations all across Oklahoma and Texas have marked and now publicly identify Mark Henderson as a false teacher for adding elements to the worship which God did not authorize; thereby placing himself outside of fellowship with God and the church. Typically churches of Christ refrain from publicizing such news to the world. When Mark Henderson made the issue public via the Daily Oklahoman, it became our responsibility to do the same. Prayers and supplications still rise on Henderson’s behalf for his repentance.”

Quail Springs is a part of the fellowship of churches of Christ. They instituted a Sunday-morning instrumental service Jan. 27.

“The phones are ringing at the Lindsay congregation regarding this ad. Most calls are very positive,” David Dugan, preacher of the Eighth and Lee church, Lawton, wrote in an email to BNc. “Denominationalists are calling in and requesting studies and study material about the subject of instrumental music in worship.”

For a copy of the Daily Oklahoman ad in pdf format, click here.

Popejoy, missionary to Oklahoma in Lindsay and editor of Reflections, was a moving force behind the ad.

Reflections is a bi-monthly publication of the Lindsay congregation sent to 40,000 individuals and congregations across the United States.

Popejoy also maintains a blog that has received over 2000 visits in just the last week concerning this topic.

Subscriptions to the magazine are free, noted Popejoy, which can be received by sending an email to biblereflections@hotmail.com with a full mailing address.