HOUSTON, Texas (BNc) — “If God can take a plain old shepherd boy and make a king out of him, He can use any of us, but it’s His work and He gets all the glory,” stated so ably by Texas Stevens, writer and producer of the Jule Miller Filmstrips, entitled the Visualized Bible Study Series (VBSS).

This writer met Texas and Danna Stevens recently at the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ, Houston, Texas, where they are faithful members. He is 92 years of age.

Stevens moved to Houston to work as Minister with the Lindale Church of Christ, Houston, TX in 1960. He worked with the church for 12 years.

Jule Miller was in Pasadena, TX at that time and had written and published the first edition of the VBSS. Thinking the work needed improvement, he asked Texas Stevens if he would rewrite the whole course. Stevens consented to help all he could. They met together for lunch many times talking about what they wanted to say and how to say it. Stevens said, “The final VBSS series I wrote as a friend of Jule Miller.” Later on, after his tenure with the Lindale church ended, Stevens devoted full time to Gospel Services, Inc., (GSI), with Jule and helped him write articles, letters, etc. Stevens praises Jule as being a very good man and friend. He said he felt very blessed that Jule asked him to come and help him.

Stevens said that he and Jule kept no records as to how many people have obeyed the gospel as a result of studying the VBSS (Jule Miller filmstrips). He recalled that churches would purchase complete sets with a player and ship them to Africa, the Philippines, etc. Most of the time the preachers would write back saying they had baptized a hundred or so. He said that he and Jule were certain that the number of reported baptisms both domestic and foreign reached well into six figures.

Today all the illustrations in the five full-color booklets and the DVDs are of full color 3-dimensional Bible art.

Jule Miller died July 4, 2000. Texas Stevens continued the work to which they dedicated their lives. In 2014 all GSI products were moved to Jacksonville, AL. They are now available through Glad Tidings Publishing (GTP), www.gladtidingspublishing.com. Stevens states, “Allen Webster and Luke Griffin, my brothers in Christ connected to GTP, are making certain that the VBSS and other GSI products will continue to be available to the Lord’s church.”

About the VBSS (Jule Miller Filmstrips) Stevens said, “I have continued editing each reprint through the years, punctuations, expressions, correcting errors, etc. The fact is the first time I wrote the VBSS I had David with too many brothers (laughter) and people let me know. So in the next edition, we corrected it!”

Texas continues his work in the Kingdom, as he stated, “I’m praying the Lord will let me live a few more years. I am asking Him to enable me to do even more for saving souls and glorifying Him.”



  1. Amen. Thanks for this update on a brother who has done much in God’s kingdom. Both he and brother Miller have been a great asset to the brotherhood and the kingdom.

  2. I really enjoyed this update and used the Jule Miller lessons through the years. I have taken many of these to Ghana, West Africa as I have been envolved with the work in Ghana since 1980 and have made 22 trips and enjoyed seeing the filmstrips used out in the Village congregations. Many will be in heaven as they were taught by using these filmstrips. God Bless, Harvey Stow

  3. As is often the case, the real force behind is rarely recognized. I have known for many years that Tex was the workhorse in the Jule Miller series. Tex is a little ahead of men at 92, but I am not far behind. I praise God for his work with VBBS. God will aportion the rewards after a while according to His great wisdom. I love all who work in the kingdom for reaching and converting lost souls.

    Alvin Jennings

  4. A requested update or improvement to lesson No.3. Part One question 5 and Part Three question 3. If the bible does not support the idea of different races, please delete the word races. Acts 17:26. Tongues and nations would be more correct.