Let's Start TalkingHURST, Texas (BNC)  – “Let’s Start Talking” was begun as a ministry by Mark and Sherrylee Woodward in 1981. The idea was to make contacts and give Bible instruction by offering people in other countries the opportunity to learn English by reading the Bible with American students.

Recently, I was surprised when someone mentioned that not all workers sent by LST are members of the church of Christ. For verification I sent this question: “Are all those sent on LST campaigns active members of the church of Christ?”

Casondra Chazarreta, Executive Assistant, sent this reply: “To answer your question, we have several sites that only accept Church of Christ workers but we also have other sites who take Christian Church workers. So, not all of our workers we send out to the field are only Church of Christ but several are.”

This saddens me since I know several people personally who became Christians through “Let’s start talking” campaigns.

Until researching this article, I did not realize that from the beginning, LST has been closely associated with churches that use instrumental music.

For the first decade, the program was informal and local congregations were responsible for various aspects of the program. In 1989 Sherrylee Woodward was employed by the Dayspring Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma to work with LST. It was the congregation the Woodwards attended.

Lindo King recently submitted these comments to a website: “Dayspring Church has always been gender-inclusive throughout its 34-year existence. We have had female deacons and full participation in public worship for over 20 years. For the last 4 years, we have also had female shepherds (elders).”

The LST ministry was under the oversight of the Dayspring church until 2000 when the program was continued under the oversight of the Richland Hills Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas. Like Dayspring, this congregation also uses instrumental music and encourages women to participate in public worship.

The following explanation was given regarding the “West Campus” of “The Hills Church”: “Women presently lead prayer, worship, and participate in other worship activities. There are plans to move steadily to a much stronger egalitarian position at all levels of church involvement and worship.”

Let’s Start Talking is incorporated as an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, but is still closely associated with “The Hills Church.”



  1. Totally denominational. They may use the name CHURCH OF CHRIST but according to the Bible, they are a denomination; unacceptable by God. We follow God’s instructions or we are not acceptable to God, according to His Word.

  2. So sad. When an idea is so worthwhile but looseners have hold on it and misteach. Thank you for this vital alert ‼️

  3. Enjoyed the article. It was enlightening but sad that so many churches are turning into denominational churches in their practice of error.

    I am of the strong belief that to discover how to attain eternal life, one must follow the path described in the writings of the apostles and prophets of the Lord. If one accomplishes this by some type of internal assent or belief that Jesus is one’s personal saviour, we would expect this to be described in the writings of those who were guided by the Holy Spirit.

  5. Is Christ being taught? Are souls being saved? If so, praise God! I realize that we may not see all things the same way, but we must see the greater picture here!

    1. We follow God’s instructions or we are NOT a child of God! So simple. We follow His instructions of how He wants us to worship HIM or He rejects our worship according to His Word.

  6. Thank you for clarifying about Lets Start Talking.
    The Chronicle gives much interesting news about the brotherhood,
    but makes no distinction like what you observe in these articles in
    Brotherhood News. We need this information. Alvin

    1. If the usual Chronicle stance was followed in reporting about Demas, the Chronicle would say that Demas has ended his association with Paul’s ministey. There has been legal action taken against Paul’s approach creating disturbance in communities. Demas left to check out a different worldview and a future ministry of enlightment about valuing earthly things might begin. We will be interested in following his exploration in our reports to all the churches. We take no stance on the Scripurality of any of the ministries we cover but seek instead to provide coverage without assessment.

    2. ALVIN: so good to see where (how) to say “Great” words. Had lost contact after my retirement, ’08, from “full time” Would not have it as well, without your publications in my years; your ASV Bibles, etc, including charts–a pre-power point. If time allows, let me hear of you(r) work, and yourself. Former ACC student (on QT)