New Zealand (BNC) by Jamie Suiter — Brethren in New Zealand were shaken Monday by 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Please remember the people of New Zealand and especially our brethren doing mission work in this country in prayer.

Lance Mosher, John Jones, Kent O’Donnell, Nua Silipa, Rodger Anthony Headifen, Carl Cumings, Jeana Rader O’Donnell, and many others, are all members of the body of Christ currently working in New Zealand sharing the gospel.

Lance Mosher, author of “Transformed,” had this to say about the quake early this morning.

“We were definitely shaken last night. We took shelter under the dining table. As far as I know, none of the brethren were hurt, and our house is fine. There are many people to pray for though. We are still feeling aftershocks. Just 15 mins ago, we felt another 5.0.”

According to Fox News, ABC, BBC and other news sources two deaths resulted from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake with many aftershocks expected. Tourists, citizens and cows being reported as stranded. The physical damage is extensive.