HARTSELLE, Ala.  (BNC) — William Jeremy Hulsey, 43, gospel preacher with the Aldridge Grove congregation in Moulton, and his wife Sandra, 37, were killed in their home Thursday night, according to Jamie Suiter.

Police have arrested Andrew Kyle Hulsey, 23, and charged him with two counts of capital murder, according to WHNT TV station.

The television report said Andrew had been adopted as a teenager by the couple.

Jeremy was a 1997 graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching, according to one Facebook poster.

Jamie called the Moulton congregation and confirmed the identity of the preacher and his connection to the Aldridge Grove church.

Jamie asked for everyone to keep this family, congregation, and community in prayer.

Don Laymon of Moulton shared this message from Joyce McMillan Kirksey,
a long-time member of the Aldridge Grove body:

Please pray for Aldridge Grove Church of Christ and these families. Last night Jeremy & Sandra Hulsey, our preacher and his wife, and a very devout Christian couple, died at the hands of their son, and also only child, in a senseless shooting. There are no words to express the emptiness, loss, pain, and heavy hearts of us and their families. Although we don’t understand, we know that God is always in control.



  1. Sometimes there are too many things going wrong with an adopted child. I think a lot depends on the condition of the birth mother during pregnancy. A member of the church years ago did a thesis on this, following up on adoptions he had supervised while working with a Christian adoption agency. He found many disturbed children. But, let us not give up trying.

  2. Praying for the church and the families . It’s painful to read this and considering what brother and sister Hulsey must have suffered in the hands of this boy. Once the child is not your blood it is difficult to raise . People should look before they leap.

    1. Oh my! We have 4 adopted grandchildren, 2 at the age of 17 months and the other 2 are siblings, and were adopted at birth. We don’t feel any different about them or our other 2 “bio” grands. I would have to say, that to adopt a teenager-they were very brave. I’m sure they thought they could make a difference in his life. But I can tell you this…if you saw our grands out with their folks, you’d never know they were all adopted! Still this is very tragic!

    2. Even if the child is your blood, you never know what you’re going to get. I had one child perfectly normal and the next one five years later is still ruining the lives of everyone she touches and she is 23. There is something to nature verses nurture. Regardless, this couple will have a heavenly reward and a room in God’s house.

    3. It goes both ways. They’re are people who adopt or take in foster children only to abuse them when no one is around.

  3. This is very sad. Prayers for the family, congregation and community for comfort, strength and peace throughout this tragic event. Put your trust in the Lord and He will see you through this storm. He will give you the peace that passes all understanding. I share in your grief with the loss of a brother and sister in Christ. Much love to all of you
    Sister Terrie from Beaver St church of Christ, Lisbon, OH

  4. So sad. I agree that once a child becomes a teenager his character has already been set in place. I would be very reluctant to adopt one of that age. Must have been a wonderful couple to reach out to this boy. How tragic. They probably did everything they knew to do for him.

  5. It is always tragic when parents lose their lives at the hands of their child, and for that I am truly sorry. As an Adoptive & Foster Mama I am extremely disturbed that we as Christians are reacting this way towards adoption and perpetuating the negative view that a lot of society has towards adoption. After all, aren’t we all adopted sons and daughters once we obey the Gospel and obey our Heavenly Father?? This son didn’t murder his parents because he was adopted, he did so because of a sin problem.