MACEIÓ, Brazil (BNC) by Randy Short — Evangelist Antonio Barros was attacked in his home Friday night, Oct. 10, by a knife-wielding intruder.

When he got in from a special study with a visiting evangelist, he sat down in the dining room to work on his material for another study the following Sunday.

Antonio looked up and saw a young man with a large knife in the room. He put the knife to Antonio’s throat. Antonio said he thought he was going to die. But he decided to struggle with the man.

His wife Cicera was in the kitchen and heard him yell. She thought he had been shocked, so she ran into the room where he was. The knife cut Antonio’s ear.

When their son Lucas entered the room, the attacker ran off without any more damage.

Antonio was taken to the hospital where he received 10 stitches.

There are two policemen in the church there who came to help. There are cameras on the building, so they think they have the man’s image. If they do, they’ll likely get him, but if not, it is doubtful.

The intruder used a ladder to climb up to their floor. The front door is left open for air circulation.

They are all right, but were frightened. Antonio called and said no one slept all night.

Randy Short is a long-term missionary based in Recife, Brazil.