WINONA, Miss. (BNc) — The Christendom News service available on Twitter has now gained its own website, hosted by WordPress.

Christendom News publishes feeds from a variety of services belonging to religions or denominations that style themselves Christian. As such it serves as a curator of news.

One can now subscribe to the site via email or follow posts through RSS.

Christendom News is a service of Forthright Press for informational purposes only. No endorsements of published links are implied.

Christendom News began on Twitter when its first tweet was published 12 April 2008.

To date, Christendom News has published more than 54,000 headlines and links for Christian news around the world, as well as other news shared by denominational sources.

Researchers, journalists, and other observers will find in Christendom News a valuable resource.

labarumThe service uses the labarum symbol (right) as its logo, and a picture of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro as its background. The imagery has been carried through on the site as well.

A Facebook page has also been created for the service.

Forthright Press also recently launched the Christian Forum using the modern Muut system.



  1. I’m not quite sure why Brotherhood News is endorsing a website that spews false doctrine from the denominational world.

  2. W

    New Testament Christians are not to have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness (cf. Eph. 5:11). My prayer is that Brotherhood News will rethink what has been done.

  3. Render unto Ceasar and unto God what is God’s. Pray for all leaders but we serve a sovereign God who created all things and will give us the leaders we deserve. Bill

  4. I too wondered at why Brotherhood News would share this story, and then I thought about the old adage “know thy enemy”. We of the Lord’s church know that denominations are in error, fueled and support by satan, God’s enemy and ours. However just maybe if we know more about what “they” are doing, we will be more prepared to combat it. I for one find that the more I know about the teaching or doctrine of another church, then i am better prepared in speaking with people of that faith about the ONE church. Everyone believes in Jesus, it is the ONE church of the New Testament that is the challenge most often.

  5. We need to read these articles because the whole of Christendom is not found inside buildings of the Church of Christ. We shouldn’t be like John in Mark 9:38 who was opposed to anyone who was “not one of us.” We can learn from even those whose doctrine is not perfect (whose is?) and as Penny wrote, we need to understand others before we try to correct them.

  6. Penny, who is the better person, a Christian in another denomination or an atheist?

    JWheatley, I concur with you.

    Some of you would be surprised as to the many opinions on doctrine within one cofC congregation.