Pernambués saints at the Urban Social Center

Pernambués saints at the Urban Social Center

SALVADOR, Brazil (BNc) — The Pernambués congregation in this state capital has been given use of a 1300-square-foot area in the local Urban Social Center, along with permission to build a baptistery, tentmaking evangelist Miroel Dias Franco said yesterday.

The congregation moved from the Iguatemi neighborhood in January to the Pernambués location. It had been begun by progressive missionaries, who asked faithful brethren to oversee it last year after they left.

The congregation considered disbanding when its rent contract expired last year, but Miroel was able to convince them to move to the Pernambués area, where the use of the Urban Social Center was free.

The community center’s director gave them use of the area on Tuesday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. An evangelistic Bible class outreach effort, called the School of the Bible, will begin Mar. 15.

“I’ve never seen so many people interested in studying the Bible as in the last two years,” Miroel said to BNc.

“If I had 10 brothers prepared to assume nuclei of the School of the Bible, we could begin at least 5 more,” he said.

Because of limited government funding, the area granted for church use has not been been well maintained, so Miroel has asked Brazilian brethren across the country to contribute toward a renovation of the area.

At least one congregation has indicated it will send a donation.

Miroel estimated that the cost would be about US$2,200.00.

Included in that amount is the construction of a baptistery for the church’s use.

“I’m very excited and I know that the Lord will do a great work in this region,” Miroel said.

The space is also being used by the center for activities with the elderly.

Nine such centers are maintained by the state government within the capital, and 22 others across the state. Another center is used by the Mussurunga congregation.

The first School of the Bible in Salvador will celebrate 30 years of activity later this year.