Order of worship written by John David Board

Order of worship written by John David Board

ALIQUIPPA, Penn. (BNc) by Peggy Hinds — This order of worship was written by my Dad. In the last several years of his life he couldn’t get to worship. On days when it was only him and Mom, he wrote out the order of worship for their service. He led the songs and prayers. Where he wrote “Phill,” he meant Philip Sanders, and they would watch “In Search of the Lord’s Way.”

The last time I visited with him, even though he was very ill, he made the effort to get dressed nicely for services. Even during his last days he took worship seriously. What a wonderful example!

My dad’s name was John David Board. My mother’s name is Margaret Board and they were married for 51.5 years before his death. Dad had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease as a result of working 30 years in the J&L Steel Mill in Aliquippa, Penn., as an electrician motor inspector (asbestos exposure).

Though his desire was to attend with the saints, he became ill and unable to attend services anymore about four years ago. This is when he began conducting services at home.

Dad was converted to Christ at the Virginia Avenue congregation in Chester, W.V., where Frank Higginbotham preached for 50 years before his recent unexpected death. My brother, John Board, preacher with the Elizabethtown congregation in Kentucky, played a large role in his conversion and that of my whole family. My brother came to Christ as a result of his friendship with Steve Higginbotham, Frank’s son.

Besides my brother mentioned above, my parents had three children: My sister, Jackie Harless of Decorah, Ia., who is a Christian, and me, Peggy Hinds. I am married to David Hinds, preacher for the Oceanview congregation in Pacifica, Calif. (formerly Civic Center church of Christ in San Francisco). David and I have worked with the same congregation for the last 22 years.

Dad was a faithful member at Virginia Avenue and served the congregation as a greeter and attendance keeper for over 20 years. He loved people and being with the brethren there.

Even though we weren’t raised in the church, Dad always taught us respect for authority as children, a factor that made it easier for us to understand the authority of the Bible once we found the true church.