Writer Janelle Williams

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (BNc) by Janelle Williams — As I reflect on 2013, one incident that happened this year stands out in my mind. A woman I met on Facebook contacted me and told me she wanted to learn more about God. She admitted to me she was concerned what her friends might think of her decision to change her life.

She and I talked about God and the importance of doing his will. She was receptive. Six days later, this woman drowned while taking a morning swim in the ocean!

I never knew her final decision. Did she decide to put God first? Or did her friends matter more to her than him? Only God knows.

It is clear that God knew he had given her enough time to make her decision.

Here is my point: Putting God before everyone else is not only right, it is wise. We should never allow anybody (or anything) to be more important to us than doing God’s will.

Janelle is a part of the Hilltop congregation in El Segundo, Calif.

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