CLINTON, Ill. (BNc) — Gospel preacher Stephen R. Bradd shared a picture of the congregation‘s new sign today with an explanation of why they found it significant.

“We changed one of our assembly times recently and got the sign redone to reflect that. At the same time, we made some other improvements in: (1) getting my name off the sign (an unnecessary tradition in my view), (2) putting the focus on the church as people instead of a building, and (3) giving people something to think about—”Pre-Denominational Christianity.” I saw that phrase recently for the first time via Ben Giselbach and like it a lot!” Stephen said.

When a Facebook friend asked the meaning of the phrase, Stephen gave what he called a “short answer.”

“We try to go back to the New Testament and use it alone as our standard of authority today for Christian life and worship. Believers in the first century were not Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc. They were simply Christians; nothing more and nothing less. That’s the way we think it should still be (note 1 Corinthians 1:10-13),” Stephen said.

stephen-bradd“Our aim in life and worship is to peel back centuries of man-made traditions and opinions and just follow the New Testament of Jesus Christ and it alone. This is what early Christians did BEFORE (pre) they started DIVIDING (starting denominations),” he explained.

Stephen took advantage of the moment to offer a Bible study.

The Sunday evening time change to 1 pm “really helps some families that drive 30 and 40 minutes one-way,” Stephen said.

The church shares a Sunday fellowship meal in between once a month. Stephen said they have already noticed increased fellowship among the saints thanks to the time change.

Stephen teaches the Bible on