hunter-hills-churchPRATTVILLE, Ala. (BNc) — The elders of the Hunter Hills congregation released a letter to the congregation Oct. 13 recognizing, on the part of some, a “desire to add an instrumental service on Sunday morning separate from our current service which has acapella [sic] congregational singing.”

The elders stated that “over time, Hunter Hills has become a church which believes in freedom in Christ and has moved away from legalism. Because of this, members have differing views about what they value and desire in corporate worship.”

“All the shepherds agree that scripture does not prohibit the use of instrumental music in our assembly,” the letter said.

Because of that, the elders proposed to the congregation the addition of a Sunday worship service including the use of mechanical instruments.

Preacher urges rejection of instruments

Charles Box, preacher with the Walnut Street congregation in Greenville, Ala., published a letter to the Hunter Hills eldership today pleading that they refuse to add an instrumental service.

Charles, whose town lies 53 miles to the south, provided biblical support for his position.

“The addition of the instrument will lead people away from God and will cause division in churches of Christ. I beg you to reconsider this very sad and serious decision that you have already made, since you have already been allowing the instrument to be used in you