Mozambique on African continent. Image: Wikipedia

TETE, Mozambique (BNc) — Since his conversion in January of this year, Samuel Mtaula has baptized 30 people so far, Lola Crouch, his World English Institute teacher, said today.

“I should say that I am a most grateful person to have been his teacher through all of the WEI lessons that he quickly completed. He travels to other villages and rural areas to teach the gospel,” Lola said in an email.

Samuel noted the troubled political situation in the country.

“Continue to pray for us. Many people have started running away to neighboring countries. The opposition and the government soldiers are still fighting, and the opposition says that there will be elections this year November. If any person tries to go to vote, it will be shoot to kill,” he said, according to Jan Towell of WEI.

Samuel’s wife suggested that she and the children should go to her home in Malawi until the situation becomes calm.

“On Saturday I went for evangelism with two other brothers, and we taught a group of 16 youth who asked for lessons on the true church, baptism, and the Old and New Testaments. It is 54 km from my home, and brother Matias helped us with to and fro transport money. It was a good time and we will go again for more lessons. Hoping to baptize the group,” Samuel said.

“Please pray for the uprising and violence to stop there,” Lola added.

As a former colony of Portugal, Mozambique’s official language is Portuguese, which is spoken by about half the population as a second language.