brazil-sign-evangelismRIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (BNc) — These unidentified saints from the Tanque congregation walk the sidewalks wearing signs that challenge popular ideas about Christianity. They stand beside a table offering information about the church.

Their signs say:

  • Don’t be deceived. Read the Bible.
  • Why are there so many churches?
  • Who is the owner of your church?

Their blog says of them:

We are concerned to share only the truth. We are against all impiety and we preach only the gospel of the Kingdom. Many curse us, insult us, say we won’t go far. But whatever the cost, we will defend the truth. We are against sin, against evangelical churches that call themselves Christians, but are not because many do not follow the Bible as they should. We are against pastors who call themselves men of God teaching wrongly the Scriptures, because the truth is that they teach doctrines of demons. We are against all and any way which says it will take one to God, because there is only one: Jesus. Our idea is to return to primitive Christianity, the same instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ and followed by the apostles and first Christians. We are not reformers, but restorers; we want to restore the church of the first century, the church of our Master Jesus.