hth-Music-Issue-CoverJACKSONVILLE, Ala. (BNc)House to House/Heart to Heart announced today that its next issue will feature an article explaining why churches of Christ do not use instrumental music.

HTH has asked congregations that have never sent the bimonthly evangelistic periodical out before to consider sending this issue. It suggested that congregations who already are sending out HTH increase their circulation for this one issue.

According to HTH staff, the two most common questions non-Christians ask about the church are: “Do you think you are the only ones going to Heaven?” and “Why don’t you use instruments in worship?”

“The tone of HTH is always friendly and inviting, and in the article the approach that we are taking is one of explaining to non-Christians why we practice a cappella singing. Our hope is that we will encourage people in our communities to take a look at the church as the very church that you read about in the Bible,” editor Allen Webster said.

“With God’s help we reached over 2.8 million households with our issue on baptism last year. We hope to extend that reach again and send to over 3 million for the first time,” Allen said.

For more information contact HTH toll-free at 1-877-338-3397.



  1. With reference to “do you think that you are the only ones going to heaven” last night i had a bible study with a sister in dresden germany;we disscused that,subject,ihave been asked that question seveeral times, in answer to such queation i will suggest; looking at john 12: 47-49, “the ones who rejects me and dose not keep my words was a judge,the words that i have spoken will judge him in the last day

  2. I use Matthew 7:21-23 and show them that only those who”obey” will go to Heaven. And the passage is talking to those who thought they were religious because of things they did in God’s name, but they were not obeying God. If we are satisfied with “feeling” we are saved, it is not enough. We have to “obey” God, even though many do not like to use this word. Most like the word “grace”, but they need to go to Romans 6 to see that they cannot keep on sinning because they believe in grace. Just talked with someone who said they knew they were sinning in marrying someone when they were not scripturally divorced, but believed they could do it and just ask for forgiveness. I showed them Hebrews 10: 26-27 that specifically tells us that we can NOT deliberately sin, or there is NO MORE SACRIFICE. Many want to believe they are right, feel they are right, and therefore, how could God not love them just as they are. We have to yield our lives to God, and it should give us all pause to consider our relationship with God. Are we truly obedient to our loving Father, or trying to make Him fit our plan?