Preacher Neal Pollard

Preacher Neal Pollard

DENVER, Colo. (BNc) — Neal Pollard, preacher with the Bear Valley congregation, took issue today with Dale Pauls’s characterization of respecting Scripture’s teaching on women, calling it “dangerous and insulting.”

Pauls is minister of the Stamford, Conn., church and wrote recently of his long-held views for full positional equality for women in the church.

Neal noted that this is not a recent position for him. He also evaluated Pauls’s piece as his personal interpretation of history and an appeal to emotion that dealt little with Scripture.

What few Scriptures were included, Neal said, Pauls affirmed, but failed to demonstrate, that they were culturally determined.

“His position begs the question without proving anything,” Neal wrote.

For Neal’s article, see this link to his blog.