Brazilian translator Solange Soares
Brazilian translator Solange Soares (center) with family members

CAMPINAS, Brazil (BNc) — Brazilian translator Solange Soares celebrated 2013 as her thirteenth year to translate Truth for Today magazine into Brazilian Portuguese, she noted Mar. 6 on her Facebook page.

“I give thanks to God for 2013 being my 13th year translating one issue per month, without interruption,” she wrote. “May the Lord give strength to the editor and authors for many more years!”

Truth for Today is a magazine for Christian workers published through Eddie Cloer’s ministry, based in Searcy, Ark.

Solange is a Christian whose family works with the São Domingos congregation in the city of Campinas.

She is a professional translator who has worked on major projects in the area of biblical studies, such as the revision of a study Bible for a major Brazilian publisher.

In the picture above, her daughter Alline and husband Alex pose with Solange (center) holding copies of the translated magazine.




  1. We love that family! Did you know Alex is the minister at Sao Domingos (church plant of Sao Bernardo) now? He had been working at both congregations until recently.

  2. Translation is truly a valuable and much needed work of ministry for the Lord. We have so much Bible-based material in English at our disposal, but billions in our world have little or nothing in their native language. Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population, with over 198 million people in 2011 (world bank). I have great appreciation for Eddie Cloer and all those involved in Truth For Today. Their materials are very good and go all over the world. Pray for God to send more translators!

  3. Sometimes We MUST use words. – Preach the Word. Written words reaching the hearts and homes across cultures and oceans. One more funeral, Memorial Service -Marge Barbour. The first family that invited us to their home for a meal. They shared their memories – They lived in Vienna, Austria and regularly drive their VW van with hidden compartments for Bible. This couple is God’s Smugglers. Taking Bibles to USSR.
    Never once the KGB or Russian immigration guards found the hidden treasure.
    Yes, they did
    search the vehicle. 1990s It’s a worthy adventure that I was smuggling Christian books, CD into China. Adventure of Faith, never once I had fear that I could be caught or send to prison. The New Testament on so many occasions reminds us, ” Fear Not.”
    Sowing seeds as in (written) word is never in vain.
    More resources today, CD, DVD are ” tools .”
    How do I get in touch with this Brazilian family in person, and give the hugs.
    Ming Paul, Lee – Nanoose Bay, British Columbia. Canada.