Editor Weylan Deaver

Editor Weylan Deaver

DENTON, Tex. (BNc) — Weylan Deaver, editor of Biblical Notes and preacher with the Sherman Drive congregation, exposes the problems behind the “Bar Church”, a satellite of Southern Hills Church of Christ in Abilene TX, slated to begin offering worship services in a local bar, complete with alcohol, Mar. 24.

In an article on his popular online magazine, Weylan explained the wrong-headed approach of using a church’s Sunday meeting as a platform for evangelism and the compromises that flow from such an approach.

Furthermore, since when did Sunday worship services become all about evangelism? Worship is about saints glorifying their God — not an outreach effort for sinners. The latter has its place, but we have too long emphasized the lost during Sunday assemblies, at the expense of worship’s true purpose. Worship services are, primarily, for the saved.

The Bar Church’s worship period will feature secular music and religious music with instruments “for the purpose of making the singing of hymns less threatening and providing a musical sound path for all to follow.”

Weylan asked, “What Christian even thinks in terms of a cappella singing being “threatening” to anyone?”

Bar Church will keep minors from drinking alcohol, with “a system similar to the large X’s that bars place on the hands of underage patrons to insure they are not served alcohol.”

Weylan shows his amazement at the initiative of Bar Church.

We cannot imagine the Lord smiling down on an assembly where alcohol is consumed alongside his memorial supper, where sinners “fed up with church” are still able to be part of one, where worship is corrupted in the name of evangelism, where the gospel is watered down but the liquor not, and all in a location specifically chosen because it is peopled by those who have or want nothing to do with the Lord’s church. At some point, a misguided plan becomes a mockery of all that is sacred.

Read Weylan’s entire article at this link.

Biblical Notes was launched by Roy C. Deaver in May, 1965, for teaching the gospel, later published and edited by Roy’s son, Mac Deaver. In March 2010 Mac’s son, Weylan, moved Biblical Notes to an online presence, where he serves as site administrator.