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What the Bible teaches does not matter

Another congregation claims to have studied itself into acceptance of women leaders.

Man’s part in salvation: ‘Loosers’ attempt systematic dismemberment of Bible teaching

People disparage man’s part in salvation, trying to remove obedience as essential action.

Minister offers perspective of hope for church and preachers, not blame

Jeff Jenkins wades into the discussion about quitting preachers and traditional churches.

Texas preacher exposes problems of ‘Bar Church’ that bars none, except alcohol for minors

Editor of Biblical Notes takes on the approach that compromises truth for outreach.

Former hard-rock musician takes new hermeneutic to task over catering to the world

Writer turns the tables on progressives, laying much of the blame for any decline on their doorstep.

Ill. elder meets church-error charges head-on

Preacher and elder Ron Thomas has made 20 posts to reply to changes that the Lord’s church is in error.

Effects of change within the church

One Man’s Story: Spiritual and Emotional Effects of Change Within the Church Special editorial for BNc, by Daron Hoggatt “And he said to them: ‘You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe… Continue Reading →

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