Africa Bible publications

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa (BNc) — Roger Dickson of Africa International Missions announced today that the ministry delivered 108 tons of Bible literature across Africa, and elsewhere, in 2012.

In the past, the record for sending out literature was 70 tons for one year.

“We thought we could never break that record. We were wrong. We serve a God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we dream,” he wrote.

Among the literature distributed were the Teacher’s Bible (over 22,000), Biblical Research Library (over 10,000), Biblical Research Library DVD (200,000), A Call For Restoration (8,000), Library Research Books (over 10,000), miscellaneous research books and Study New Testaments (thousands), tracts and Bible Correspondence courses (tens of thousands).

A new project of AIM includes the One World Book.

“The One World Book is about God’s plan of salvation revealed, obeyed, and initiated as the family of God in communities throughout the world. In a 64-page book, the story of redemption is told. This will be a great project for mission churches who are reaching out to a specific language group,” Roger said.

Besides Roger’s personal support, all funds go to the mission.

“Everything is accomplished by volunteers around the world. All fundraising and distribution is carried out by volunteers,” he explained.